Spicy fried chicken ice-cream sandwiches are coming to Vancouver on Saturday (July 13)

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      Yes, you read our headline correctly—the ultimate snack mash-up between fried chicken and ice-cream sandwiches will soon be available in Vancouver, and it’s already getting plenty of attention.

      Fan-favourite Nashville hot-chicken joint Downlow Chicken Shack (905 Commercial Drive) and Yaletown’s well-loved Mister Ice Cream (1141 Mainland Street) are teaming up this summer to serve-up some unique treats we never knew we needed.

      For a limited time, fans of the weird-but-it-works combos will be able to get their hands on a Jalapeño Honey Ice Cream Fried Chicken Skin Sando: jalapeño-honey ice cream sandwiched between two pieces of crispy, fried-chicken skin crisps.

      If you love fried chicken and ice cream, this could be your foodie calling. Find it at DL Chicken and Mister on Saturday (July 13), and at Brewery and the Beast (July 28, if you're one of the lucky people who were able to purchase tickets to this outdoor meat festival before they sold-out).

      The two other offerings (aka the main event) in this unlikely collab are the regular Jalapeño Honey Ice Cream Sando with a Ritz cracker crust; and the DL Pineapple Ice Cream Sando made with Mister’s pineapple ice cream and Ritz cracker crust “buns”, sprinkled with DL Chicken’s signature hot dust—spice levels are available in classic, medium, and hot.

      So, the next time you taste buds are split between savoury or sweet foods, just head straight for the in-between: salty desserts like these ones Mister and DL Chicken have dreamt up.

      The DL Pineapple Ice Cream Sando is topped off with hot dust that comes in 3 spice levels.
      Mister Ice Cream/Downlow Chicken Shack