Fufú Café: Japanese soufflé pancake shop set to open in Vancouver

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      There’s going to be a new pancake spot in town, and it’s not your regular, old-fashioned buttermilk grub from the griddle.

      Fufú Café (1266 West Broadway) specializes in Japanese soufflé pancakes, which are described as ultra-fuffy and wobbly, with a cloud-like texture that melts-in-your-mouth.

      This particular food phenomenon has been popular in Asia for many years, and looks like it’s finally trickling into Vancouver.

      The 1,040-square-foot eatery seats 20 guests, and is designed with a modern, French-style aesthetic in mind. Varied blue hues coupled with softer, pastel-coloured tables and accent décor make the space feel chic yet comfortable.

      “We want people to be able to take a breather from the business of every day, sit and enjoy each other’s company, all while savouring our made-to-order pancakes in our beautiful café,” Sienna Gan, owner and operator alongside Vicki Chen, said in a press statement.

      The new Vancouver eatery can seat 20 guests.
      Fufú Café

      The café’s made-to-order soufflé pancakes take around 15 to 20 minutes to make, and come in sweet and savoury options.

      Menu items include the classic (with butter, maple syrup, and icing sugar or sea-salt mascarpone cheese whipped cream), matcha mocha (with shiratamako [glutinous rice flour] balls, housemade matcha sauce, matcha whipping cream, double-chocolate raspberry ice cream, and white and matcha chocolate flakes), and earl-grey milk and tapioca pearl.

      If you prefer dishes on the savoury spectrum, there’s a smoked salmon and avocado soufflé pancake (with poached egg and fresh organic greens) and eggs benedict (with two poached eggs, housemade hollandaise sauce, choice of pork sausage or bacon, and fresh greens).

      Seasonal flavours like caramelized banana and Nutella, tiramisu, and crème brûlée will be available from time to time.

      As for drinks, the coffee bar serves up hot and iced espresso-based beverages, tea lattes, brewed and fresh milk teas, cheese-foam fruit tea, and fresh fruit sodas.

      Fufú Café is slated to open next week, and will operate daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., on a first-come, first serve basis.

      Sweet and savoury pancakes are available.
      Fufú Café
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