Heritage Asian Eatery launches mouthwatering Chinese barbecue menu

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      Known for its baos and rice bowls, Heritage Asian Eatery has recently expanded its offerings by adding a new line of specialty items to its Broadway-City Hall location (382 West Broadway).

      Its droolworthy Chinese barbecue menu is now available, which includes staples like soy chicken, BBQ duck, BBQ pork, premium-cut BBQ pork, and a house special Heritage chicken. Customers can choose half or whole portions with or without rice, and enjoy them dine-in or takeout.

      We’re hoping the chefs at the casual, counter-service spot will add crispy pork belly to the line-up as well, because let’s be real: it’s the show stealer in any Chinese BBQ meal.

      In addition to the barbecue meats, the new menu also features bites like chili wontons, wonton soup, crispy shrimp and pork dumplings (veggie options available), and Taiwanese potstickers.

      Sweettooths can also check out desserts like milk custard and brown-sugar pearl milk custard—in case you’re not familiar with the bubble tea scene in Vancouver, brown-sugar pearl bubble tea drinks have been the latest craze.

      To celebrate the launch of the Chinese BBQ items, a Four Treasure Rice special ($13.88) is available through August 30, and is made with several of the new meats and a Heritage-style ramen egg on top of rice.

      The Four Treasure Rice special is available through August 30.
      Heritage Asian Eatery
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