Turning a Kits restaurant into a sports stadium: AnnaLena launches latest edition of thematic dinner series

Look for culinary interpretations of the heritage of games like soccer, football, and tennis in the collaboration with Reigning Champ

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      Some people are sports fanatics; some are foodies. Others don’t like to be pigeon-holed.

      Kitsilano restaurant AnnaLena’s latest installment in its eponymous dinner series is for those who love sports as much as they dig cool dining experiences.

      Exec chef Michael Robbins and the AnnaLena team have put a new twist on experiential dining by completely transforming the restaurant to take people on a sensory journey centred on a specific theme.

      So far in the series, décor, table settings, service style, and menus have been informed and inspired by Osteria Super Mario (AnnaLena Dinner Series 001) and 808s and Picnic Plates (002).

      Things get competitive for AnnaLena Dinner Series 003: Arena.

      Taking place tonight and tomorrow (September 3 and 4), the casual fine-dining soiree is a collab with Vancouver-based athletic wear brand Reigning Champ.

      The eight-course dinner will interpret the world’s greatest games through food, with dishes designed to represent the heritage of each sport: baseball, basketball, rugby, hockey, soccer, cricket, football, and tennis. The aim is to transport diners to stadiums throughout the world.  

      Think Manchester sausage and beer (soccer), fish and chips (made with halibut, for cricket) and “tailgate” slow-cooked brisket (football).

      Along with an amuse-bouche and petit fours, the meal goes for $119 per person plus taxes and gratuity.

      More info is at annalena.ca/.