Drink of the Week: Odd Society Spirits' Paper Plane


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      Odd Society Spirits makes it Mia Amata Amaro out of the muira puama plant, which is sustainably harvested in the Brazilian Amazon.

      As the Amazon rainforest continues to suffer from devastating fires, the local distillery has launched a local effort to support conservation efforts.

      Along with other Vancouver establishments--including Juke Fried Chicken, Cabrito, Tocador, the Mackenzie Room, and the Union--Odd Society will donate all proceeds from sales of a take on the Paper Plane cocktail using Mia Amata Amaro to the Rainforest Foundation until September 22. The Rainforest Foundation partners with indigenous communities to protect the rainforests of Central and South America. 

      Wait till after the #BartendersForTheAmazon campaign finishes to make this at home. 

      Paper Plane 

      (aka M.I.A. in the Odd Society Spirits lounge, by Mia Glanz)

      ¾ oz  Odd Society Prospector Canadian Rye Whisky
      ¾ oz Aperol
      ¾ oz lemon juice
      ½ oz Odd Society Mia Amata Amaro
      ¼ oz green-peppercorn syrup (or other simple syrup)

      To make green-peppercorn syrup, simmer a large handful of lightly crushed green peppercorns in 4 cups of water for 15 to 20 minutes, uncovered. Add 3 cups of granulated sugar. Stir until sugar has dissolved and take off heat. Once cool, strain out peppercorns.

      In a shaker, combine all ingredients and shake with ice. Fine strain into a coupe glass.