Torafuku celebrates fourth anniversary with mouthwatering omakase menus

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      In Vancouver’s cutthroat food and beverage scene, it’s not always easy reaching annual milestones. When a restaurant is able to celebrate birthdays year-after-year, it’s an impressive feat and a nod to the team’s culinary abilities.

      Chinatown’s Torafuku (958 Main Street) is celebrating its fourth anniversary, which is currently under the helm of owner and executive chef Steve Kuan. The decorated pan-Asian dining establishment has undergone quite a few changes in recent months, but Kuan has is already working on a “rebirth” of the restaurant.

      Guests will notice its dishes and flavours have become more refined, with a focus on bringing out natural umami without compromising on taste.

      To mark its four-year run in the industry, the upscale eatery is offering up special, multicourse omakase (chef’s choice) menus until September 22.

      The menu includes signature items like G-Tao’s Chicken Wings.
      Leila Kwok

      Priced at $45 per person for seven courses, and $55 per person for 10 courses, guests will definitely get their money’s worth of food. An amuse bouche and bonbon will also be added the anniversary menu, as an additional starter and dessert.

      Featured culinary creations include the restaurant’s signature items like Rabbit Food (kale salad with gem tomatoes, grated parmesan, quinoa crunch, and anchovy buttermilk dressing), G-Tao’s Chicken Wings (fried wings tossed in a secret sauce, served with broccoli), Gone Fishing (crispy whole-market fish with toasted shrimp, crispy shallots, soy-bean crumble, and tamarind sweet & sour sauce), and Higher Steak (wagyu beef tataki, cabbage slaw, garlic, scallions, and citrus-ponzu dressing).

      First-timers won’t notice the new additions, but these include dishes like Kickass Sushi with torched belly, Dynamite Sushi with prawn tempura, and Kushiyaki Skewers: chef’s pick of assorted mocha, tomato basil, and corn-and-pork belly skewers.

      Torafuku's chef and owner Steve Kuan (second from left) with his team.
      Leila Kwok

      “‘Sharing is caring’ has always been part of the Torafuku spirit,” said Kuan in a press statement. “To celebrate our fourth anniversary, we wanted to bring a modern twist to the traditional omakase by focusing on pan-Asian family-style dishes, as opposed to the sashimi and nigiri we usually see in the city.”

      Besides working in the kitchen, Kuan also has an aptitude for crafting libations. He’s introduced three new Asian-inspired cocktails to the drinks menu, which make use of ingredients from his native Taiwan, such as chrysanthemum tea, red date, and winter melon syrup.

      “We are so grateful to the community and our loyal patrons for their support of Torafuku over the past four years,” added Kuan. “We’ve created the omakase set and cocktails so that we can celebrate this milestone with Vancouver. We want people to come together to share a meal, so we can share with them our appreciation and joy.”

      If anyone is wondering about the eatery’s Le Tigre food truck, it’s been out of commission since it broke down last year. But don’t fret—Kuan has plans to revive it in 2020, and then your food-truck lunch dreams will be answered again.

      Leila Kwok


      Leila Kwok


      Leila Kwok


      Leila Kwok