Caribbean restaurant in Downtown Vancouver vandalized with racist graffiti on windows

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      A Caribbean restaurant in Gastown near Chinatown discovered its windows were marred by an act of racist vandalism.   

      On the morning of September 25, staff at Calabash Bistro, located at 428 Carrall Street, found that a series of three symbols—consisting of swastikas with what appear to be the letter K—were painted in yellow on their street-level windows.

      According to CBC News, the restaurant’s chef discovered the graffiti, and it appears to have been done while the chef was inside preparing for the day as it wasn't there when the chef arrived earlier.

      The restaurant owner, Roger Collins, told the CBC that it is the first time he has encountered something of this nature during the nine years he has run the restaurant.

      In a Facebook post on September 25, Collins explained his reaction to the incident.

      “If you look closely it’s the same thing that was fought against since way before my time on this earth and here I am dealing with it,” he stated. “We all face obstacles in life. Whether it be financial, physical or mental health, family, etc. Thing is, there are some things that I know some will never have to deal with. I cannot expect anyone to understand the daily struggle that some of us have been enduring because of how we look, but I will say you should know that our ability to overcome time and time again only makes us and our future seeds stronger!”

      Later that day, Calabash Bistro expressed gratitude on their Facebook webpage for the support they received.

      “We want to take a moment to thank our community for the outpouring of support,” they stated. “We know that we are all better when we stand together— it's one love over at Calabash!”

      The Vancouver Police Department has been reported to be investigating the incident.