IKEA Canada launches new outdoor dining Foodbox in Coquitlam with its first vegan burger

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      With climate activist Greta Thunberg hailing from Sweden, it’s no wonder that one of her country’s most well-known companies is adding more climate-conscious plant-based menu options.

      On September 30, IKEA Canada launched its new Foodbox, which is exclusive to its Coquitlam location (1000 Lougheed Highway).

      The outdoor dining option will be available year-round, opening daily at noon and will be an alternative to the location’s indoor bistro and restaurant.

      Växt Burger
      IKEA Canada

      Following the additions of veggie balls (a plant-based version of their Swedish meatballs that was introduced in 2015) and veggie hot dogs to their menus, the Foodbox menu features its first plant-based burger, the Växt Burger (växt means plant in Swedish), which is served on a vegan bun with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and vegan mayonnaise ($5, with vegan cheese is available for an addition 50 cents).

      There’s also the new beef equivalent, the Kött Burger (kött means meat in Swedish), available for the same price.

      Also new are the Nanaimo bars ($1.50), cappuccinos or lattes ($3), and the kid’s meal deal, which consists of a cup of meatballs, veggie balls, or salmon balls, with apple slice and a juice box ($3).

      Other food and dessert items, which are available on other IKEA menus, include coleslaw, veggie chips, frozen yogurt cones, and sundaes.

      The menu may expand in the future with more options and even seasonal specials, and whether or not the Foodbox will be introduced at other locations remains to be seen.

      IKEA Canada