8 delicious things to eat and drink at the 2019 Vancouver Christmas Market

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      We might be biased, but one of the best parts about frequenting festive events around town is getting to indulge in great fare.

      The 10th annual Vancouver Christmas Market is in full swing, and the decade-long German-inspired fete doesn’t disappoint with its roster of mouthwatering bites.

      We’ve curated a non-exhaustive list of truly tasty eats from the annual Vancouver Christmas Market that will get you into the holiday spirit, if the market’s massive walk-in Christmas tree, 40-foot light tunnel, and roaming gingerbread duo doesn’t do the trick.

      From smoked turkey legs to raclette platters (or a combination of both), and from piping hot apple cider to mini puffed pancakes, here are eight things to eat at the Yuletide event.

      Tammy Kwan

      Smoked Turkey Legs

      A newcomer to the 2019 Christmas Market, these smoked turkey legs (which may or may not remind you of similar ones served at Disneyland) are a great way to kick-off your appetite. Made with locally sourced turkeys, our top tip to enjoy this dish to the fullest is to get the raclette combo—a thick layer of hot, melted cheese as the perfect topping.

      Find them at Turkey Haus.


      Vancouver Christmas Market


      The Swiss tradition of indulging in melted cheese over proteins and veggies is frankly, a genius idea. It’s mesmerizing to watch staff scrape freshly melted cheese from the wheel onto a plate of meats, pickles, potatoes, and bread. Be sure to eat it quickly, as the cheese will be hard very quickly in the cold weather.

      Find it at Cheese Me Raclette


      Tammy Kwan


      Another popular addition to this year’s food huts at the festive market are poffertjes (mini Dutch pancakes). These tiny treats originate from the Netherlands, and are characterized by its bite-sized, circular shape with a puffy interior. Flavours include butter and sugar, and Nutella with strawberries and whipped cream. Don’t expect to share your order with anyone else, because they disappear in an instant.

      Find it at Two Sweet Elves.


      Tammy Kwan


      Many consider this savoury dish to be the star of the show every year, and for good reason. This German-style pork shank is roasted to perfection on a special rotisserie, until the skin is golden brown and crispy, while the inside is moist and tender. Listen carefully and you’ll easily hear the crackling sounds of this cult-favourite item while it slowly turns on the grill. We suggest order the full size and sharing with friends. Be sure to get extra mustard and napkins.

      Find it at Haxen Haus.


      Tammy Kwan

      Hot Apple Cider

      Besides mulled wine and hot chocolate, we really enjoy the hot apple cider at the Christmas Market. A little tart and a little sweet, it’s a great beverage to warm up your interior and your hands (R.I.P to those who forget to wear their gloves/mittens) at the outdoor attraction. You’ll find other apple-themed treats, such as candy-coated apples.

      Find is at Das Apfel Haus.  


      Vancouver Christmas Market


      German-sausage purveyor Freybe has once again returned to this family-friendly event, and will be serving up its German-style bratwurst, Das Brat, to hungry visitors. Load it up with plenty of sauerkraut and mustard for the full experience. Other traditional sausages, dried pepperonis, and landjaegers (semi-dried sausages) will also be available.

      Find it at Freybe Brat Haus.


      Vancouver Christmas Market

      Chimney Cakes

      Traditionally known as kürtőskalács, chimney cakes have been a popular sweet treat from Hungarian-speaking regions for centuries. The spiral-shaped pastry is made from roasting on a spit, before they are taken down to cool off before being coated with sugar. Crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, this dessert will satisfy your taste buds. Choose from fillings like custard, Nutella, and more.

      Find it at Transylvanian Chimney Cakes.


      Vancouver Christmas Market


      This Austrian bowl of comfort food can really hit the spot. Made with a hearty stew comprised of tenderly braised B.C. beef, potatoes, and Hungarian paprika served inside a bread bowl, your belly will be filled up. A vegan version made with carrots, potatoes, and a blend of Hungarian and Spanish paprika is also available.

      Find them at Das Gulasch Haus.


      The Vancouver Christmas Market runs through December 24, 2019 (11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.); December 24 (closed at 6 p.m.) at Jack Poole Plaza (1055 Canada Place).