A spicy chocolate bar filled with crispy chicken skin is being sold in Vancouver

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      It’s always nice to see local eateries partner up and create unique products for the food-loving masses living in Vancouver.

      DL Chicken Shack (905 Commercial Drive) and Beta5 Chocolates (409 Industrial Avenue) have teamed up to create the most talked-about collaboration of 2020—yes, we know we’re only a month in—the “Side of Milk” chocolate bar.

      Self-proclaimed to be the “hottest chocolate bar” in Canada, it’s made with 66 percent dark chocolate, DL’s chile Carolina Reaper dust blend, and infused with pieces of crispy chicken skin.

      “Adam and I were brainstorming on how we could work together on something sweet, savoury, and spicy,” Doug Stephen, co-owner of DL Chicken Shack and Downlow Burgers, said in a press statement. “The result is our Side of Milk chocolate bar. We’re really proud of it! The sweetness works so well with our Side of Milk chile dust. The spice lingers, and the crispy chicken skin gives it that saltiness and slight crunch.”

      These goods have been so popular that they have already sold out. But don’t fret, the next batch comes out on Friday (January 24) morning. Limited quantities will be available through Valentine’s Day (February 14).

      This partnership marks the beginning of Beta5’s collab series for 2020, where a new bar will be unveiled each month.

      “We are looking forward to teaming up with some of Vancouver’s most talented chefs this year,” Adam Chandler, co-owner of BETA5 Chocolates, said in a media statement. “Doug and Lindsey were the first to bring Nashville Hot Chicken to Vancouver. The creative process was great, we couldn’t be happier with Side of Milk.”

      Up to you if you want to actually enjoy the “Side of Milk” chocolate bar with a side of milk. A little heat never hurts, right?