Anti-Valentine's Day: 3 Vancouver eateries offer food and fun for singles

Couples aren't the only ones who can enjoy a special night out to celebrate (or not celebrate)

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      Let’s face it, if you’re single or in the process of conscious uncoupling, Valentine’s Day can be a total drag. Never mind heart-shaped everything everywhere you turn; if you want to eat out on February 14, chances are you’re going to be surrounded by people gazing adoringly into each others’ eyes over candlelight, feeding each other bites of food or slurping on a single strand of spaghetti till their lips smack.

      No thanks.

      But why should couples get all the fun—and all the good food? Some Vancouver restaurants have you in mind, with anti-Valentine’s Day offerings.

      Here are a few to check out.

      Single in the City at ARC Bar & Lounge 

      There will be no red hearts in sight at the Fairmont Waterfront's ARC Bar & Lounge (900 Canada Place) this Friday. ARC Restaurant executive chef Anthony Marzo has developed an à la carte tasting menu described as a “celebration of everything you love to hate about L-O-V-E”.  Plus, everything is served with live music.

      Dishes include:

      I Knead Thyme ($8): garlic and thyme focaccia with smoke-salt butter
      Mi Amore – My Real Love Is Pasta ($24): pappardelle Bolognese
      Love Stinks ($14): Melted stinky cheese “fondue” with preserves, toasts, and vegetables
      Cupid Rhymes with Stupid ($18): all-dressed up spiced chicken wings
      The Devil Made Me Do It ($20):  extra-spicy shrimp diavolo on toasts
      The Carrie Bradshaw Combo ($35): deluxe cheeseburger, large fries, and a cosmopolitan
      Heart Break Cake ($12): chocolate heart bon-bon pinata

      Reservations aren't required but are probably a good idea; you might be single, but you're hardly alone in looking for a fun spot to be on Friday. Go to ARC to book. 

      Anti-Valentine’s Vini Volpe at Caffè La Tana

      On Friday and Saturday evenings, Caffè La Tana (635 Commercial Drive) swaps coffee cups for wine glasses with its pop-up wine bar, Vini Volpe.

      This Friday and Saturday evening ((February 14 and 15), it’s hosting an Anti-Valentine’s Day Vini Volpe. Bold Italian wine, music, and cicchetti (canapes) make for a deliciously casual way to not celebrate Saint Valentine's high holiday.

      Walk-ins only; more info is here

      Ev Natacha Music at Trees Organic Coffee and Roasting House

      With multiple locations in the region, Trees is known not only for its fair-trade coffee but also its made-in-house cheesecake.

      At the Granville Street outlet (450 Granville) on Valentine’s Day, singer-songwriter Ev Natacha and other indie artists will perform “love songs, unrequited love songs and everything in between”. Plus, there will be cheesecake. Strawberry cheesecake will be available (two slices for $12 here, as at the Yaletown location); then there are signature, non-Valentine's flavours like classic New York, blueberry, coconut, key lime, raspberry white chocolate, and more.

      Visit Trees for more details.