Vancouver is now home to an awesome smoothie vending machine

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      Vending machines carrying pop, water, and chips are so last decade.

      It’s 2020, and Vancouver is ahead of the game with a new kind of coin (or card)-fuelled tech.

      Dubbed “the Smoothie Machine”, this new automated dispensary is basically a robot that can create made-to-order, plant-based smoothies at your fingertips.

      Brought to the city by local company Trendy Vending Inc., food-lovers and health nuts can check out the pop-up location at Parker Street Studios (1000 Parker Street) beginning February 25.

      “We are excited to launch Vancouver’s first smoothie vending machine,” Carissa Campeotto, who co-founded Trendy Vending Inc. with partner Craig McIntosh, said in a press statement. “It just seemed like a natural fit for our city. We are debuting the machine with several fruit smoothies, but are actively working on new blends to include plant-based protein, vegetables, and superfoods.”

      This vending machine’s smoothies are not pre-mixed and have been pasteurized, and are blended with water, ice, and a hint of Stevia.

      The menu features six flavours, and includes Mango Tango, Passion Peach, Pineapple Glory, Cool Banana, and Tropical Berry.

      Each smoothie costs $6, and contains two to three servings or fruit.

      Aligning itself with Vancouver’s sustainable practices, the Smoothie Machine’s packaging will be compostable and recyclable, and uses sustainable energy to make its drinks.

      “We hope this is the first of many smoothie machines in British Columbia,” said McIntosh. “Our mission is to provide nutrient-dense, eco-friendly, socially responsible foods to all communities across the country. The Smoothie Machine makes smoothies accessible and affordable to many.”

      Our city is home to many popular juice and smoothie bars, so this will be an interesting and probably welcomed addition for all the health-conscious residents around town.

      This new kind of vending machine features six flavours.
      The Smoothie Machine