Local grocery legend Stong’s Market paved the way for online grocery shopping

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      We’ve heard a lot over the last few years about online grocery shopping but believe it or not, it’s been available in Vancouver before YouTube, Facebook, or even Y2K.

      Imagine being back in 1999 listening to Backstreet Boys, hearing the familiar “uh oh” from your ICQ messenger and ordering your groceries online.

      For this, we have local grocery legend Stong’s Market to thank for being one of the OGs in grocery delivery, not just in Vancouver but in all of North America. Mind you, it was 1999 so the Internet and websites were a bit more primitive back then. But it got the job done and for a lot of people became a life saver when they couldn’t leave the house.

      Being the go-to neighbourhood grocery store has always meant being closely connected to the community for Stong’s Market and that’s why its Online School Rebate program has been a great way for the local schools to raise some extra funds. All online grocery customers are given the option to donate four percent of their order total to a local school.

      Other than being the pioneer of online grocery shopping, Stong’s Market is also known for its extensive selection of gourmet, natural, and organic products. The grocer understands the importance of supporting local businesses so shoppers can often find unique items from small suppliers down every aisle.

      This means that the market carries tons of specialty vegan and gluten-free products. Lovers of plant-based foods can order vegan pies, Miyoko’s and Parmela cheeses, and every flavour of oat milk imaginable, online and in stores.

      It’s no surprise why a small two-store operation like Stong’s Market has been able to go toe-to-toe with some of the Goliaths that have moved into the online grocery game these days. Vancouverites and especially Georgia Straight readers love to support local businesses and for that, Stong’s says “thank you for continuing to support your local grocer.”

      This year, Stong’s Market placed within the top three in the category of “Best Grocery Delivery” in the Straight’s Golden Plates 2020 awards, which are voted on by readers.

      Stong’s Market offers daily delivery to Vancouver and North Vancouver and offers weekly delivery to residents of Bowen Island.

      All items available for online grocery delivery can be found .

      All online orders must be a minimum of $50 before taxes, fees, and delivery charges. Stong’s Market currently charges $10.99 for delivery to Vancouver, North Vancouver, and West Vancouver. To have groceries delivered to Bowen Island, it will cost $14.99.

      For more information, visit . Follow Stong’s Market on , , and for updates.