Vancouver’s upscale Giardino Restaurant to close temporarily amid COVID-19 pandemic

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      One of the city’s popular dining spots, Giardino (1328 Hornby Street), will be closing its doors temporarily beginning today (March 16) as a precautionary measure amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

      The downtown Vancouver restaurant’s proprietor, Umberto Menghi, posted a statement on its website and social media accounts announcing Giardino’s temporary closure.

      According to Menghi, he made the decision to completely close his restaurant in order to protect the health and safety of clients and staff after monitoring the rapidly changing virus around the world.

      “We will be keeping an eye on this situation and will hopefully reopen very soon. Thank you for your understanding,” the statement read.

      Many of its regular customers are praising Giardino’s health and safety protocols during this time, leaving comments on its Instagram account like:

      “This is a wonderful thoughtful community-minded gesture. Props to you.”

      “Kudos for the bold courage on taking care of both staff & guests so well—that’s why we love & admire you!!”

      “Super smart! Responsible person! Thanks.”