BC Liquor Stores registers three top three finishes in Golden Plates awards

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      “Stop at BC Liquor Stores” is always on the top of everyone’s to-do list when they’re running their weekly errands.

      Heck, it’s also the number one task for those planning a relaxing weekend at home filled with delivery pizza, slippers, and movies.

      That’s because all 197 locations are a one-stop shop for wine, spirits, beer, and any other alcoholic beverage that you have in mind—this includes the new White Claw vodka sodas that just arrived on Canadian soil. BC Liquor Stores always search for the latest and trendiest products to bring to all of its locations.

      This year, BC Liquor Stores placed within the top three in the categories of “Best Wine Store”, “Best Liquor Store”, and “Best Beer Store” in the Golden Plates 2020 awards, which are voted on by readers of the Georgia Straight.

      Other than its gigantic selection, BC Liquor Stores are known for its knowledgeable product consultants and friendly staff. All product consultants have received professional training through the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET).

      Customers can lean on the product consultants when they’re having trouble finding the required ingredients for the cocktail recipes found in the company’s online and in-store magazine . Product consultants can also be of great help when you need to find the haziest IPA for your significant other’s birthday.

      With Easter quickly approaching, the experienced staff can help you find a wine that pairs well with an entire bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs. May we suggest a local Pinot Noir?

      The team members at each location can also point out the products that are on sale and featured in the monthly .

      COLD ZONES, found at many locations, are always stocked with chilled domestic and imported beers, ciders, wine, and bubbly. This means that you’ll never have to drink a room temperature beer again, even if you’re in a rush.

      Customers can visit BC Liquor Stores locations for a variety of special events like product tastings and special releases only available at BC Liquor Stores —there’s an upcoming Bordeaux release in September and a premium spirit release in November.

      BC Liquor Stores shows its commitment to sustainability by reducing plastic waste and also gives back to the communities it serves.

      To search locations, view store hours, or browse available products, visit