Local Spread ’Em Kitchen makes a good alternative to hummus

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      As much as we love hummus, it can get a bit boring.

      Local company Spread ’Em Kitchen makes some excellent alternatives, including a vegan Jalapeno Cheesy Cashew dip that has the full jalapeño-pepper flavour without much heat. (The “cheesy” flavour comes from nutritional yeast, which is much tastier than it sounds.) The Cilantro, Pumpkin Seed & Garlic dip is also zippy; it goes well with raw veggies.

      Unlike many commercial dips, all the ingredients are pronounceable, and oil is near the end of the list.

      Find them at farmers markets and stores such as Choices Markets (see the Spread'em Kitchen website for a list); the suggested retail price for 200 grams is $6.99 for the cilantro dip and $8.49 for the cashew.




      Jun 20, 2015 at 10:07am

      the spreads look yummy.

      for those who want something different, there is always making your own -a lot cheaper and great combos using local ingred:
      -lightly steamed and chopped swiss chard added to greek yogurt with some garlic and herbs
      -roasted beets or squash put in food processor then add to yogurt, hummus or goat cheese, season w/ herbs, lemon juice etc.-top w/roasted squash seeds or local walnuts
      go to your local farmers market and see what you can find. try mixing foraged or bought walnuts/hazelnuts w/a tangy artisan cheese and maybe adding a veggie that inspires you.
      consider investing in a bottle of smoked paprika-it livens up many spreads or dips and gives a great flavour even to the 'boring hummus'.
      also za'atar is a great addition to many spreads/dips-one bag lasts a long time. brush pita with olive oil, cut into wedges/chips and sprinkle za'atar on, heat in oven until crisp-these pita chips go fast.
      have fun!