5 Vancouver-based vegan treat companies that can satisfy your sweet tooth

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      Finding satisfying desserts when following a vegan or plant-based diet is a challenging task—that was until these five scrumptious local businesses stepped up to the plate.

      Plant-based foodies understand the importance of fruits and vegetables but we also enjoy diving face first into a box of stuffed cookies. These treat companies have been keeping vegans and non-vegans alike frequently teetering on the edge of a cruelty-free dessert coma.

      Dough & Co.

      Our prayers have finally been answered and we’ve been blessed with a stuffed cookie the size of our fist.

      Vancouver-based Dough & Co. bakes gigantic mouthwatering cookies that are made with 100 percent plant-based ingredients. The cookies are baked in small batches and can be ordered through the company’s and delivered right to your door.

      Flavours like Banana Cream Dream, Puttin’ the Nut in Peanut, The Big O (Oreo), Caramel Drippy Chippy, and More Than Your Average Chocolate Chip are always on the menu. Dough & Co. is constantly testing out new recipes and baking specials with seasonal ingredients like apples and raspberries.

      These sweet stuffed cookies can also be found at , Yaletown’s Farm to Table Market, and .

      FLOURGIRL Baking

      FLOURGIRL Baking creates cinnamon buns that propel you into an out-of-body experience—isn’t that what we all want when we bite into a baked good?

      Of course FLOURGIRL Baking has mastered the traditional cinnamon bun but it has also added flavours like Chocolate Cherry, Grahammy Mallow, Strawberry Cheezcake, and Dunk-A-Bunz (similar to the throwback treat Dunkaroos) to the lineup.

      The company’s sweet creations can be ordered online through its or found at , , Body Energy Club, Vegan Supply, and . A full list of local shops selling the glorious buns can be found

      Umaluma Gelato

      Umaluma makes dairy-free gelato that can be enjoyed sans post-consumption bellyache. Popular flavours include: Strawberries & Cream, Mango Tango, Punk Pistachio, Dark Chocolate Truffle, Mint Chocolate Chip, Waffle You Waiting For, Nutella, and more.

      Cups and cones of the frozen dessert can be purchased at the Umaluma Gelato shop at 235 East Pender Street, Vancouver. Pre-packed pints can be found at several Whole Foods locations and other organic grocery stores.

      Bonus Bakery

      This plant-based café and bakery can be found serving its famous pretzel-topped Bonus Cookies at 1185 Georgia Street in Vancouver. For those who are unable to visit the location in-person, the team also provides cookie delivery around the area.

      If you’re willing to stray from the classic Bonus Cookie, other flavours like Lemon Pie, Boston Cream, PB &J, and Crème Brulee will hit the spot.

      The Workshop Vegetarian Café

      The Workshop Vegetarian Café is best known for its ramen but its selection of seriously tasty baked goods should not be overlooked. Both locations (296 Pemberton Avenue in North Vancouver and 3596 East Hastings Street in Vancouver) sell vegan cinnamon buns, rice crispy squares, chocolate chip cookies, fluffy mochi cakes in chocolate or macha flavour, and much more.

      All of the goodies (plus more) are available in frozen packs so that you can prepare them at home. The frozen nine-pack of vegan cinnamon rolls and the gluten-free shortbread cookie dough roll is always a hit with guests when entertaining. Packages of mochi cake mix are also for sale at both locations, at , and at select organic markets.