Angus An's Fat Mao restaurant opens in Vancouver's Chinatown

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      Chef Angus An's much-anticipated Fat Mao restaurant is set to open to the public this Wednesday (August 19).

      Fat Mao, which means “Lucky Cat” in Cantonese, is located in Chinatown at 217 East Georgia Street. The menu focuses on noodles and spans Asia with Thai, Taiwanese, Japanese, and Singaporean influences. It's inspired by An's travels and also riffs on An's favourite childhood dishes

      Dishes are all under $12 each and include Taiwanese beef noodles, Dan Dan noodles, cold sesame noodles, and khao soi, or Chiang Mai curry noodles.

      Sides include kimchi, scallion pancakes, braised tripe salad, and century egg with tofu.

      This the third restaurant for An, who runs Thai restaurants Maenam in Kitsilano and Longtail Kitchen at New Westminster's River Market.

      An also has a new rotisserie in the works for River Market set to open later this month. Freebird Chicken Shack will serve Thai-style chicken and side dishes.

      Fat Mao is open for lunch and dinner from Wednesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. or until noodles run out—whichever comes first.




      Aug 17, 2015 at 1:28pm

      another late hours restaurant/bar: 6+ in one block of 97 unit family co-op & nowhere affordable to move, great city plans.
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      L Clemens ‏@Sigg53 3m3 minutes ago
      another late hours restaurant/bar: 6+ in one block of 97 unit family co-op which has been here for 13 1/2 years - the city changes its' plans for our area and now we're stuck with the party people & nowhere affordable to move, great plans. (but who cares, as long as it isn't in front of the mayor's home, it's just dtes and we know we don't count)

      Sober Up

      Aug 18, 2015 at 7:13am


      It's not in the DTES you moron, it's in Chinatown.

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