Straight to the Pint: Postmark Brewing's Dominic Giraldes

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      Straight to the Pint taps those on the frontlines of our booming local craft-beer industry for stories about biggest brewing successes, dream vacation spots, and which brand was always in the family fridge.

      Who are you

      My name is Dominic Giraldes and I’m the master brewer at Postmark Brewing. I started brewing nine years ago after a brief midlife crisis. In my time I have been honoured to brew with some of B.C.’s legends, such as David Varga and then Gary Lohin.

      Your dad’s favourite beer

      He had two that I remember the most. When I was really young, he used to drink Olympia. I barely remember that, but I can still remember reading the classic can: “It’s the Water”. At some point he switched to Miller Light, probably as they had great commercials back then, and he watched a lot of sports. My favourite memory, though, was when I was 12 and decided I could drive, right through the garage door, so he thought I should actually learn. He would take me to the dump and let me drive around. As I got better he would stop at the store and pick up two Miller Lights and have me drive him around the country roads.

      First go-to brand

      Believe it or not, I was a Beck’s and St. Pauli Girl drinker. Liquor-store clerks wouldn’t ID me drinking these as they would if I was buying Budweiser or Coors. I guess I thought I was sophisticated at a young age. Other than those, there was always Pabst Blue Ribbon. A classic.

      Life-changing beer

      My best friend’s brother was stationed in Germany in the army. He once sent us 20 bottles of different German beers and a couple of glasses. At first I didn’t get it. The Hefeweizen was cloudy and smelled like bananas. WTF?! But we persevered through the dunkels, the bocks, and all the rest. Needless to say, I was hooked and never went back. In those days there wasn’t even Sierra Nevada, and I lived in a small town. I had to do something, so I started to learn how to brew.

      Dream destination

      I’ve been to a lot of them, but I have never visited Belgium. That is probably number one. But following closely is Japan. I have tasted some craft beers from that area; they were fantastic.

      First beer brewed

      It was fair. A pale ale from a kit. It was clean, and I was proud. Now the second beer I brewed, that was dynamite. It was a stout, and I’ve never been able to reproduce it… Yet!

      Crowning achievement

      So far, 1,200 litres of Kölsch. It was so clean and crisp. Even I couldn’t find a fault. That is rare for my weird, meticulous mind. The simple beers to me are the hardest and most fulfilling to brew. No room for mistakes. I will try again. I will.

      I would love to have a beer with

      David Varga from 33 Acres Brewing Company; David Bowkett from Powell Street Craft Brewery; Jack Bensley from Main Street Brewing Company. And always Gary Lohin from Central City, but I have had many, many beers with him.