“Ice-fried” yogurt served at new dessert shop in town

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      Aside from the abundance of traditional yogurt and froyo choices that we have in our city, there is yet another addition to that list—a unique one to say the least.

      On Yogurt (95 Smithe Street) is serving Canada’s first ice-fried yogurt, and contrary to what the name suggests, there is no oil or heat involved.

      Joseph Zhao, owner of the new yogurt shop, told the Straight that the company brought in new equipment that was first produced in Southeast Asia to create this unprecedented dessert.

      “We have a machine called the flash freezer,” said Zhao. “There is a compressor under the flash freezer and it can get to -35 degrees in a few seconds….It will turn liquids into a solid state instantly.”

      The concept of making the original dessert is really quite simple.

      The ice-fried yogurt is cooked on an ice pan on top of the flash freezer, which looks similar to pans used for making French crêpes.

      As soon as the yogurt is added to the pan, stirring commences to let air in and change the texture of the yogurt from soft to crispy.

      “There is no fire or oil involved, but instead we use the flash freezer to create the icy and crispy outer layer,” added Zhao. “But the inside will still be soft and creamy.”

      In addition to On Yogurt's signature creation, it also serves yogurt gelato—half yogurt and half cream. It has half the sugar of normal gelato and ice cream, making it a healthier alternative for those who still crave a little sugary snack.

      The dessert joint offers over 40 different toppings to add to your ice-fried yogurt or yogurt gelato. These include fruits such as banana, strawberries, and blueberries, as well as the classic Oreo bits, coconut shavings, etc.

      Beverages such as yogurt shakes, coffee, milk, tea, and bubble tea are also available on site.

      On Yogurt’s entire yogurt selection is organic and gluten-free, sourced from a local organic farm in B.C.

      The grand opening is set for February 1.