Okanagan Crush Pad debuts Vij’s Bolly Water at restaurant’s new Cambie Street location

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      Okanagan Crush Pad Winery has created a craft gin in celebration of Vij’s long awaited relocation to Cambie Street.

      Named Vij’s Bolly Water, the gin is the result of a collaboration between Okanagan Crush Pad winemaker and distiller Matt Dumayne and Vij’s barman Jay Jones.

      The grape-based spirit is a classic London Dry style gin with notes of Juniper berries and warm spices that are meant to complement Vij’s award-winning menu of Indian-inspired dishes.

      Guests to Vij’s new spot (3106 Cambie Street) can now enjoy Vij’s Bolly Water as part of a gin and tonic or Jones’s 11th Avenue Mule cocktail, a twist on the Moscow Mule that uses gin, locally crafted ginger ale, and fresh mint.

      The small-batch gin is also available by the bottle exclusively from Okanagan Crush Pad until this spring.

      Once production increases later this year, Vij’s Bolly Water will also be available at Vij’s sister operations, Rangoli, My Shanti, and Vij’s Sutra, as well as private liquor stores.