Consulting company includes acai bowls and modern Jewish cuisine among food trends to watch for in 2016

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      Fried chicken, acai bowls, modern Jewish cuisine, and vegetable ribbons as pasta: those are just a few of the 2016 food trends being predicted by Baum & Whiteman, "the world’s pre-eminent food and consulting company".

      Another one is poke. Pronounced poh-key or poh-keh, it’s a traditional Hawaiian dish consisting of raw fish (typically ahi tuna) tossed with soy sauce, macadamia nuts, sesame oil, ginger, chilis, green onion, and seaweed, and served over rice. 

      The New York-based consulting firm, which has created dozens of restaurants worldwide—including that of the Sheraton Hotel in Chandigarh, India; the Rainbow Room; and the Kennedy Space Center—describes the Islands’ mainstay as the next ceviche/sashimi/crudo, with chefs substituting ahi tuna in everything from salmon to scallops to octopus.

      There’s no shortage of places in Vancouver to find poke, including:

      Baum & Whiteman also picked a few buzzwords to be flying around among foodies during the year ahead, including burnt vegetables, root-to-stalk cooking, paella, and Philippine cuisine.