Lucky’s Doughnuts offers limited edition Sakura doughnuts in time for Cherry Blossom Festival

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      Cherry blossoms are certainly beautiful to look at, and now Lucky’s Doughnuts (2902 Main Street, 2198 West 4th Avenue) has created a Sakura doughnut that tastes as good as the blossoming trees look.

      These classic filled Bismarcks are infused with Japanese sakura blossoms and filled with house-made sweet red bean paste. Topped with a strawberry-sakura glaze, matcha meringue, and a mini sakura blossom shortbread cookie—this is a next level doughnut.

      “The doughnuts will be available in very limited amounts due to the supply of salt-packed sakura blossoms we’ve imported from Japan,” said Lucky’s Doughnuts co-founder Colter Jones, in a press statement.

      Available from March 24 through April 14 for $5 each, these limited edition doughnuts come in a bright pink, custom-designed box, and will be limited to six per person. 

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