Vancouver’s first-ever Beer Wars to see local brewers boxing for good cause

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      Vancouver’s Eastside Boxing Club is hosting the city’s first-ever Beer Wars at Caprice Nightclub (967 Granville Street) on April 17.

      The event is a spin-off of the Aprons for Gloves Boxing Association’s annual Restaurant Rumble, where local chefs, servers, bartenders, and baristas take to the ring to raise funds for Eastside Boxing Club’s youth programs.

      Beer Wars will see 22 local craft beer workers face off in boxing matches to benefit the club’s Vancouver Roving Leaders Program, which provides at-risk kids with access to community and after-school activities. Throughout the past few months, the industry vets have participated in a number of sparring sessions in preparation for the showdown.

      “The preamble events have earned some great money for the cause already,” Beer Wars representative Chris Bjerrisgaard tells the Straight by phone. He hopes that Fight Night will bring in at least $30,000, in addition to the $8,000 that has already been raised.

      Remaining tickets for the event start at $50 and can be purchased online.

      Check out the full list of participating breweries and boxers below. All participating breweries will also be donating cans of beer that will be sold throughout the evening to benefit the cause.

      Breweries and boxers:

      Andrew Morito-Karn (Off The Rail Brewing Co.) vs. Tommy Grant (Spinnakers Brewpub) 

      Paul Gibson-Tigh (Parallel 49 Brewing Company) vs. Sean Morley (Central City Brewers + Distillers) 

      Ryan Parfitt (Luppolo Brewing) vs. Clay Potter (Moon Under Water Brewery & Pub) 

      Bryan O’Malley (Tofino Brewing Company) vs. Ian Kampman (Brassneck Brewery) 

      Ben Tillbrook (Tofino Brewing) vs. Danny Seeton (Parallel 49 Brewing) 

      Katherine O'Brien (Steamworks Brewpub—Vancouver) vs. Julia Hanlon (Steamworks Beer) 

      David Bowkett (Powell Street Craft Brewery) vs. Graeme Welsh (Tofino Brewing) 

      Jen Smythe (Whistler Brewing Company) vs. Steph Jones (Russell Breweries) 

      Heather Smith (Central City Brewers + Distillers) vs. Caryn Westmacott (Red Truck Beer Company)

      Leigh Eldridge (Parallel 49 Brewing) vs. Aya Garcia (Brassneck Brewery) 

      Anique Ross (Luppolo Brewing Co.) vs. Quinne Mullins (Off The Rail Brewing)


      Neil Campbell (Tofino Brewing)

      Doug Embury (Russell Brewing)

      Evan Singer (Parallel 49 Brewing)

      Shannon Laliberte (Parallel 49 Brewing)

      Nick Farrer (Steamworks Brewing)

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