Free tours, fresh samples, and food trucks coming to East Van breweries for Hop Circuit on April 24

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      Ask any Vancouver brewer about the competition between local breweries and they'll likely shoot you a confused look.

      "Competition? We leave that shit to the sales reps," famously replied one East Van brewer when I asked that question for the first (and last) time during an interview for one of the Straight's Straight to the Pint features.

      As such, it makes sense that 13 East Van breweries are more than happy to collaborate for the city's first Hop Circuit, a self-guided beer tour scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday, April 24.

      Free behind-the-scenes tours, samples of freshly brewed beer, and conveniently located food trucks along the Hop Circuit route make this event a Vancouver beer lover's dream. 

      Participating breweries are as follows:

      • Strange Fellows Brewing (1345 Clark Drive)
      • Luppolo Brewing Company* (1123 Venables Street)
      • Bomber Brewing (1488 Adanac Street)
      • Off the Rail Brewing Co. (1361 Adanac Street)
      • Storm Brewing Ltd. (310 Commercial Drive)
      • Strathcona Beer Company* (895 East Hastings)
      • Callister Brewing Co. (1338 Franklin Street)
      • Powell Street Craft Brewery (1357 Powell Street)
      • Andina Brewing* (1507 Powell Street)
      • Odd Society (1725 Powell Street)
      • Doan's Craft Brewing Company (1830 Powell Street)
      • Coal Harbour Brewing Company (1967 Triumph Street)
      • Parallel 49 Brewing Company (1950 Triumph)

      *These companies are not yet open. 

      Participating food trucks will include Tacofino, Vij's Railway, Via Teverre, Feastro, and The Reef. See the map below for more details.

      Beer enthusiasts are invited to walk, skate, or bike their way through the neighbourhood. Those interested in a guided tour can sign up with Vine & Hops or Cycle City Tours.