5 places to find satisfying cool treats in Metro Vancouver

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      Temperatures are getting higher, which means it is essential to find foods that can prevent you from overheating.

      In addition to classic ice cream (a must-have on hot days), our city offers everything from handmade pops to milk-flavoured shaved ice.

      So the next time you think the weather is getting a bit too toasty, forget about turning on the cooling fan or air-conditioner—simply head to a dessert shop that serves frozen delights.

      Here are five places to find satisfying cool treats around town.

      You'll find delicious frozen treats at Rocky Point Ice Cream.
      Rocky Point Ice Cream

      Rocky Point Ice Cream (2800 Murray Street, Port Moody)

      Located just 35 minutes away from Downtown Vancouver, this well-known neighbourhood gem is a favourite spot for many. Specializing in delicious, small-batch handcrafted ice-cream, try its array of unique flavours like lemon yogurt cookie or earl grey ‘n honey. You’ll also be able to find milkshakes, splits and sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, and more cold treats at this popular sweets shop. Regular customers usually bring their furry friends along for the “K9 Doggie” ice-cream flavour—so they won’t feel left out.

      (From left):Hojicha (Japanese green tea) and black berry ice cream served in langue de chat cones at Tangram Creamery.
      Tammy Kwan

      Tangram Creamery (2729 Arbutus Street)

      Offering gourmet ice cream in the South Kitsilano area, guests can expect to try bold flavours like London fog, roasted coconut, and Hojicha (Japanese green tea) served in tasty house-made langue de chat cookie cones. The flavours rotate every so often, and the latest addition to its updated menu is Amakaze (a bi-product of Japanese rice wine) laced with orange and ginger. Visitors can also find affogatos and macaron ice cream at this cold treats spot.

      The apricot salted caramel flavour from Johnny's Pops.
      Johnny's Pops

      Johnny's Pops (various locations)

      You’ll be able to find Johnny’s pops at local farmers markets, whenever the sun is shining. Serving handmade artisan ice bars in a bicycle cart, these yummy treats are created with fresh fruits and local ingredients. Flavours can range between avocado lime to blackberry cheesecake, apricot salted caramel to blueberry mojito, Vietnamese coffee to strawberry lemonade. It’s one of those treats you’ll want to have on a daily basis, even if it isn’t hot outside.

      Doolami Dessert's house special snow ice.
      Tammy Kwan

      Doolami Dessert (8030 Granville Street)

      For those who want to try unconventional frozen treats, this Chinese dessert shop in the Marpole neighbourhood is your answer. One of its specialities includes a house special snow ice—sweet and milky shaved ice served with tasty toppings like chewy taro and yam balls. Customers will also be able to find “grass jelly” (an Asian plant-based treat), chilled mango sago with pomelo (a Chinese dessert-soup), as well as silky smooth ice cream served in waffle bowls—popular flavours include matcha and blueberry & lavender. 

      The newest treats at Soft Peaks: Organic milk & honey ice-milk bar drizzled in honey and topped with cereal and honeycomb; blueberry ice-milk bar.
      Tammy Kwan

      Soft Peaks (25 Alexander Street)

      This Gastown dessert spot is one of the original soft-serve ice cream shops in the city. Serving organic soft-serve in a cup, guests can add toppings such as honeycomb, TimTam flakes, and condensed milk. House-made ice milk bars are the latest addition to its menu—flavours include organic milk & honey, matcha & red bean, blueberry, and mango. Don’t expect the same tastes every time you visit, because it will rotate every week or so. The new treats can be enjoyed “naked”, or you can dress them up in various toppings and dips like cereal and honey drizzle. Are you drooling yet?

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