Robson resto roundup: Fatty Papa okonomiyaki, Snowy Village Dessert Café, Capstone Tea

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      Here's a quick overview of two new eateries on Robson Street setting up shop and one that appears to have closed.

      Ja-Papa-nese cuisine

      No, Vancouverites, Fatty Papa isn't the illegitimate lovechild of Fatburger and Beard Papa.

      Fatty Papa Fusion Cuisine promises to be an okonomiyaki spot on Robson between Bute and Jervis in the former location of the short-lived Sanuki Udon at 1226 Robson Street.

      Full details aren't available yet so stay tuned for updates.

      For those unfamiliar with okonomiyaki, it translates from Japanese as "grilled as you like it, and this Japanese dish is often compared to a savoury pancake or pizza that usually contains a hodgepodge of various ingredients (cabbage is usually the one consistent ingredient).

      An example of okonomiyaki.

      Sweet snow

      Joining the cluster of Korean restaurants around the Robson and Denman area, Snowy Village Dessert Café will soon open its second location at 1696 Robson Street.

      (Its first location is 8571 Alexandra Drive in Richmond.)

      This dessert spot specializes in patbingsu, which is a Korean dessert made of red bean and shaved ice.

      Flavours run quite an expansive range, including red bean and peanut, mango, green tea, Oreo, strawberry, red bean and rice cake, and blueberry.

      Oreo snowflakes at Snowy Village Dessert Café
      Snowy Village

      Snowy Village also offers taiyaki (in Japanese) or bungeoppang (in Korean) fish-shaped cakes filled with red bean or custard cream so there's quite a variety of items to indulge your sweet tooth in.

      Taiyaki or bungeoppang at Snowy Village Dessert Café
      Snowy Village

      Capstone closed?

      The storefront of Capstone Tea and Fondue at 1429 Robson Street is papered up without any information indicating if the location is closed for renovations or permanently closed.

      The Straight was unable to reach anyone by phone at the Robson or Richmond locations, and is awaiting a response from the head office. Capstone also has a location in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

      The tea house offers a wide range of drinks, ranging from matcha and herbal infusions to fresh fruit iced teas and fruit frappés. It also specializes in fondue sets with cheese or chocolate.  

      Capstone Tea and Fondue
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