5 places to find refreshing cold-pressed juices

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      Healthy liquids have been making its way back to the mainstream choice of drinks these days.

      Made from fresh, local, and often organic ingredients, our city offers a wide selection of fruit and green-based juices. In addition to quenching thirst, it also supplements your body with essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals.

      Here are five places to find cold-pressed juices in Vancouver.

      The Juice Truck

      THE JUICE TRUCK (various locations)

      Offers nutritious liquids with a cleansing option to detoxify your body.

      Melu Juice & Health Bar

      MELU JUICE & HEALTH BAR (1110 West Pender Street)

      Tasty flavours made from fresh and unique veggies, fruits, and roots.

      The Juicery Co.

      THE JUICERY CO. (various locations)

      Fresh and organic juices made from ingredients produced on its farm in Pemberton.

      Nectar Juicery

      NECTAR JUICERY (various locations)

      Nourishing juices made using everything from celery to kale, ginger to beets.

      Glory Juice Co.

      GLORY JUICE CO. (various locations)

      A wide selection of revitalizing cold-pressed juices, which can be picked up or delivered.

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