Parallel 49 Brewing launches Filthy Dirty IPA

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      Vancouver's own Parallel 49 Brewing has a new brew for you to try: a brisk IPA they're calling Filthy Dirty.

      The city's beertelligencia gathered at the Cobalt yesterday (August 14) for the beer's official release—the consensus was that it's a rousing success. 

      While I'm not much of an IPA fan, this one didn't have quite as much bite as some of the higher IBU brews I've had; it's more reminiscent of Parallel's Gypsy Tears Ruby Ale, one of my go-to beers this time of year.

      On my second round, however, I was introduced to summer beer perfection: two parts Filthy Dirty IPA to one part Parallel's Tricycle Grapefruit Radler. Radlers are quite sweet for my palate, while IPAs too bitter, so this combo was magic. The low-alcohol Radler (3.5 percent) takes the edge off the IPA's hoppiness, while the IPA cuts the sugariness of the Radler into something that I found absolutely delicious.

      Smells pretty darn tasty, too!

      As always, the labelling is delightful.

      Miranda Nelson

      Want some for yourself? Check out Parallel 49's tasting room at 1950 Triumph Street or the list of local vendors on its website.


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      Aug 15, 2014 at 3:40pm

      It's fun when people who know so little about beer write so much.

      Also, pro-tip, this Filthy Dirty IPA (which is pretty middle of the road) is the replacement for the Lord of the Hops (pretty much the same recipe, from what I've heard). It's not like the Gypsy Tears at all, unless you just mean that they're both beer.