5 places to find Asian shaved ice in Metro Vancouver

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      Asian shaved ice is offered all around town, and it’s a delicious way to cool off during hot summer days.

      No, these aren’t your typical carnival-style snow cones or classic multi-coloured Hawaiian cups of shaved ice.

      From soft and fluffy “snow cream” to delicious servings of snowlike ice, these sharable dessert bowls can be topped with various sweets including ice cream, fresh fruits, and chewy rice cakes.

      Here are five places to find shaved ice in Metro Vancouver.

      Redbean shaved ice at Midam Café.
      Tammy Kwan/Instagram

      MIDAM DESSERT CAFÉ & BISTRO (4501 North Road, Burnaby)

      Korean-style shaved ice topped with rice cakes, fruits, ice cream, and more. Glancing around at the extensive amount of NBA décor in this traditional Korean eatery is as equally entertaining as each bite of this dessert.

      Matcha Snow Cream at Heart Stock Noodle & Tea.
      Heart Stock Noodle & Tea/Facebook

      HEART STOCK NOODLE & TEA (1542 West 2nd Avenue)

      Light and fluffy “snow cream” with various flavours—including matcha and milky grape—as well as tasty toppings. Pair it with a cup of bubble tea or snowy ice parfait to make it a full-on sweets day.

      Redbean and Rice Cake Snowflakes at Snowy Village.
      Snowy Village Dessert CAFÉ/Facebook

      SNOWY VILLAGE DESSERT CAFÉ (various locations)

      Sweet and milky melt-in-your-mouth Korean-style shaved ice topped with fruits and sweets. Due to its popularity, this dessert shop now has two locations—one in Richmond and a newly opened Robson Street storefront.

      Icepik Shavery's Taro Snowcream.
      Icepik Shavery/Facebook

      ICEPIK SHAVERY (1-3377 Kingsway)

      Snowlike shaved ice in flavours that range from green tea to mango topped with different delights. Guests can choose one of seven shaved ice flavours, and then proceed to add toppings that can range from fruit pearls to grass jelly, crushed Oreos to graham crackers.

      Honeydew Melon Icy at 17°C Dessert Café.
      17°C DESSERT CAFÉ/Facebook

      17°C DESSERT CAFÉ (2229 Kingsway)

      Unique “icy bowls” combined with shaved ice, fresh fruit, syrups, and various toppings. Its most popular items are its extremely photogenic watermelon and honeydew melon icys—shaved ice and round fruits balls placed into a makeshift fruit bowl.