Caesar Squeezer makes mixing Canada's favourite cocktail a breeze

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      Picture this: you’re camping with a group of friends, and that Sunday-morning hangover has just started to set in. If you were in the city, you’d head out for a Caesar, but without all the fixings, Canada’s favourite cocktail just isn’t the same.

      Enter Caesar Squeezer, a concoction created by two North Shore bartenders who were sick of not being able to enjoy the savoury beverage away from home.

      “I was at a music festival a couple of years ago and wanted a Caesar one morning,” says Shawn Lee, one half of the local start-up. “We went and found some Clamato juice, but it was really hard to find Worcestershire and all the spices—plus I wanted lime juice and horseradish, all the good stuff—but all we had was vodka and Clamato, so it wasn’t very good.”

      After a discussion with his good friend and coworker, Michelle Robinson, a self-proclaimed Caesar fanatic, the two developed Caesar Squeezer, an all-in-one Caesar perfector that not only saves you lugging around additional condiments, it’s also more cost-effective.

      Together, Lee and Robinson make, bottle and label their top-secret mixture in small batches in North Vancouver. While both have used it on numerous occasions away from home—camping, boating, and on vacation—Robinson says the product is also perfect for those who enjoy Caesars, but aren’t very good at making them. 

      Both Lee and Robinson say the best garnishes are pickled: Asparagus, pickles, stuffed olives, and beans are a few of their favourites, while beef jerky "makes for a great snack when you're too hungover to eat real food".
      Amanda Siebert

      “This ensures that you have a great Caesar every time, and it frees up some fridge room,” says Robinson. “Ideally, it’s used in places where it’s tough to get all the ingredients, or you don’t have a professional bartender nearby—anywhere you want to have fun.” 

      Lee and Robinson have even used the mix as a condiment with food. Robinson says it’s great for marinating steaks, ribs, and roasts, or served with fresh-shucked oysters. 

      Bottles of Caesar Squeezer are currently available at Village Liquor Store in Park Royal (900 Main Street), and in Caesars at Mythos Greek Taverna (1811 Lonsdale Avenue). It can also be purchased from 234 Studios in North Vancouver for $8 a bottle.

      The seasoned bartenders are looking to get their creation into more cold beer and wine stores, as well as local eateries, in the near future.

      As of right now, the product is available in one flavour, but two more are in the works.

      Here are Robinson's directions for making the perfect Caesar:

      1. Rim glass with celery salt. Fill with ice. 

      2. Add two oz. vodka, tequila, or gin, and top off with Clamato or Walter's Caesar mix. Then squeeze away! 

      3. Top with all the delicious pickled and smoked things you can find. We love asparagus and beef jerky from BKH.