Resto roundup: Sun Bo Kong Vegetarian, Sanpoutei Ramen, and more Asian eateries

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      Here's a collection of Asian restaurants that have opened up over the past few months, with three Chinese eateries, a Korean-Chinese spot, and yes, another ramen shop.

      Hotpot to trot

      While hotpot is usually served as a communal dish, if you're looking for an individual version, check out Pot Belly Mini Hotpot, which had its grand opening on June 6 at 3779 Sexsmith Road in Richmond.

      Pot Belly Mini Hotpot

      This eatery offers Taiwanese hotpot, including pumpkin, kimchi, tomato, curry, satay, and other versions.

      There are also grilled items, as well marinated or deep-fried tapas (including pork intestine, black pudding, fish cake, and more).

      A range of specialty teas, milk teas, slushies, and juice provide extensive beverage options.

      Vegetarian reincarnation

      Much sadness was expressed by vegetarians seeking dim sum and Chinese cuisine when the Buddhist vegetarian eatery Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant closed down.

      Bo Kong opened in 1992 and later opened a second location in Vancouver and a third in Hong Kong. Unfortunately by 2010, all three locations had closed.

      But the eatery obviously had good karma.

      Not only did it open a sister eatery, Po Kong Vegetarian at 1334 Kingsway, but the original Bo Kong was reborn as Sun Bo Kong at 1363 Kingsway in April (across the street from Po Kong), with its array of noodle dishes, fried rice, dim sum, dumplings, soup, congee, and more.

      Oceanic eats

      Sea Fortune Restaurant opened up at 145–8360 Granville Avenue in Richmond back in March.

      Sea Fortune Restaurant

      The dim sum menu offers steamed items, rice rolls, pan fried or baked dishes, fried rice, noodles, and congee. 

      Sea Fortune Restaurant

      There's also hot pot, as well as chicken, duck, beef, and pork dishes. Seafood dishes (some live from tanks) span the range from abalone and sea cucumber to scallops and crab.

      Richmond ramen

      While ramen shops are continuing to multiply around the Robson and Denman area, here's a new ramen shop that's far away from that overbeaten path.

      The stylish Sanpoutei Ramen had its grand opening back in January at 160–4328 No. 3 Road in Richmond.

      Sanpoutei Ramen

      The Sanpou Group, which operates the restaurant, was foundedin 1967 in Niigata, Japan, and now has 30 restaurants in several countries (including Japan, China, and Singapore) that cover Japanese, Chinese, and French cuisine.

      The restaurant offers four types of ramen: shoyu, miso (with chicken), spicy miso (with chicken), and chicken.

      Sanpoutei Ramen

      There's also tsukemen (dipping ramen) and mazesoba (mixed noodles without broth), as well as various donburi, chicken karaage, salad, and more.

      Korea meets China

      Won Jung is setting up shop at the former location of Donburiya (1329 Robson Street). This restaurant specializes in Korean-style Chinese cuisine.

      Their menu includes items such as tangsu yuk, or deep-fried pork in sweet and sour sauce; jjangmyeon, black bean sauce with pork; and samsun bokkum bap (fried rice with mixed vegetables, egg, and shrimp).

      There are also traditional Korean dishes such as bulgogi beef, galbi short ribs, and bibimbap (rice with vegetables, beef, and egg).

      And the eats go on...

      Here's some other Asian restaurant news we recently covered:

      Efendi Uyghur Restaurant is bringing China's Uyghur cuisine to Vancouver

      O-Bowl is offering Asian-inspired takes on rice bowls in Kitsilano

      • another Peaceful Restaurant location has replaced Mein Mao Noodle Bar at 1578 Robson Street

      • Kamei Royale relocated to Coal Harbour (1066 West Hastings Street) and reopened to the public on June 27

      Thai Confusion, run by the team behind Bob Likes Thai Food, shut down on June 28

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