Snowy Village to bring dessert chain to central Coquitlam

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      Korean-style shaved ice (bingsoo) fans living in the suburbs will soon have another spot to frequent, because Snowy Village Dessert Café will be opening its third location in central Coquitlam.

      Located on Pinetree Way and Glen Drive, the 1,300-square-foot shop will open its doors between late September and early October.

      Tony Sang Hoon Kim, co-owner of the Snowy Village franchise, tells the Straight by phone that the 40- to 45-seat eatery will offer the same sweet treats, along with a secret addition.

      “We’re developing some new items, and we’ll be offering a winter menu,” Kim said. “It’ll go perfectly with our bingsoo.”

      The co-owner couldn’t give us any more details on this highly anticipated menu, but we’re sure the wait will be worth it.

      Snowy Village currently offers nine different shaved ice flavours, including popular choices such as injeolmi (roasted soybean flour), green tea, and mango.

      Its taiyaki (Japanese fish-shaped cake with sweet fillings) is another tasty menu item, with flavours ranging from red bean, sweet potato, custard, and nutella.

      On another note, the up and coming Coquitlam location is not the only thing being introduced.

      Beginning Friday (July 15), sweets-lovers will be able to find a new shaved ice flavour at its Richmond and Robson Street locations—honeydew cheesecake bingsoo. 

      Mango and green tea bingsoo.
      Tammy Kwan
      Injeolmi bingsoo: red bean, roasted soybean flour, and Korean rice cake.
      Tammy Kwan
      The honeydew cheesecake bingsoo will be available beginning on Friday (July 15).
      Snowy Village Dessert Café