Fresh blueberries and Pride collide in velvety Harvey Milk

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      Local blueberries are ripe for the pickin’, and farm-to-table hotspot Royal Dinette (905 Dunsmuir Street) is celebrating the occasion—along with this weekend’s rainbow of Pride festivities—by shaking up a drink that honours one of the 20th century’s most iconic gay-rights advocates.

      One part house-made blueberry-milk liqueur, one part Absolut vodka, and one part Odd Society Spirits’ crème de cassis—with a splash of pressed lemon juice, whey, and orange bitters—this inspired sip is not meant for the dairy-free.

      Take five from the Pride events to knock one back downtown or check out the recipe (care of Royal Dinette bar manager Kaitlyn Stewart) to mix your own at home.

      Harvey Milk


      1 oz. homemade blueberry-milk liqueur (recipe below)

      ¾ oz. Absolut vodka

      ½ oz. Odd Society Spirits crème de cassis

      ¾ oz. fresh-pressed lemon juice 

      2 dashes orange bitters 

      1 oz. whey 


      To make the blueberry-milk liqueur, use equal parts vodka to white sugar to whole milk (preferably organic), half-cup of frozen blueberries, one whole lemon chopped, and one whole orange, chopped. Combine all ingredients into a mason jar or jug. Let stand for 10 days at room temperature, mixing once a day.

      On the tenth day, using a fine mesh strainer lined with a coffee filter, carefully transfer contents into another jar. Repeat this step until milk liqueur is translucent. Finished product will be good for six months. 

      To make the cocktail, combine all ingredients into shaker tin. Vigorously shake for 10 to 15 seconds. Fine strain over ice into rocks glass. Garnish with a lemon twist and a few blueberries.