5 places to find kombucha on tap in Vancouver

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      Love it or hate it, kombucha—that fizzy, slightly sour-tasting beverage that your hippie-dippy friends have been sipping for years—has taken the city by storm. The fermented drink is made from a base of tea, water, and sugar, and is often touted for its healthful, energy-boosting benefits. 

      Although scientists have yet to prove these claims, Vancouverites have embraced kombucha regardless—so much so that bottles have become as common as milk and bread at your local grocer.

      If you're looking for a new way to experience the 'booch, however, check out these five spots in Vancouver that offer it fresh on tap.

      Try kombucha at O5 Tea's kombucha bar.
      O5 Tea/Instagram

      O5 Tea (2208 West 4th Avenue)

      The kombucha bar here serves delicious flavours like Hoiji Cha—made of honey, roasted rice, and caramel. Other flavours include Hei Cha—which is subtly smokey and dry,  and White Moonlight—a blend of apricot and floral notes.

      You can find Oddity Kombucha's single flavour at the new Faculty Brewing Co.
      Oddity Kombucha

      Faculty Brewing Co. (1830 Ontario Street)

      This new brewery serves kombucha made by local company Oddity Kombucha, offering a classic flavour that is a mixture of green and black tea. Characterized by its simplicity but well-balanced sweetness, this kombucha will definitely satisfy those who aren't looking for bold tastes.

      Prado Cafe offers rotating kombucha flavours on tap.
      Prado Cafe/Instagram

      Prado Cafe (various locations)

      In addition to coffee and iced lattes in its signature mint green cups, you’ll find two kinds of the popular fermented and carbonated tea beverage: hibiscus and red berry. Served in a hipster mason jar so you can take the perfect Instagram photo.

      The rose kombucha from Indigo Age Cafe.
      Indigo Age Cafe/Instagram

      Indigo Age Cafe (436 Richards Street)

      Try its rose or chai kombucha, dubbed Beauty and the Beast for their contrasting tastes. Pair it with one of the vegetarian or vegan dishes at this eatery to make it a healthy meal.

      Spark Kombucha's blueberry ginger on tap at Nice Vice Creamery.
      Spark Kombucha/Instagram

      Nice Vice 0% Dairy Creamery (1022 Mainland Street)

      Find Spark Kombucha flavours on tap at this Yaletown plant-based ice cream shop. For those who enjoy root beer floats, you may want to try the kombucha floats that are offered at this frozen treats shop.