Resto roundup—Asian edition: Captain's Boil, TaKo, Mango Thai, Baoguette

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      Here's some news about Asian-related eateries, including two new places and two other places that are undergoing changes.

      Ahoy, foodlubbers

      A Toronto-based chain is coming out west, and bringing with it their recipes that draw upon Louisiana Creole crawfish boil that Asian fisherman in the 1970s combined with Asian spices.

      The Captain's Boil opened on July 30 at 1226–8338 Capstan Way in Richmond.

      Captain's Boil

      This is literally hands-on eating. No cutlery or chopsticks are provided—instead you get plastic gloves so you can truly get down to business.

      Diners choose their seafood from lobster and Dungeness crab to clams and mussels (there are even chicken slices), choose their flavour (Cajun, lemon pepper, garlic sauce), and level of spiciness (from mild to "My mouth is on fire!").

      Captain's Boil

      The company has five locations in Toronto, one in Scarborough, one in Montreal, and there are whopping nine more on the way.

      Korea meets Mexico

      While Kobob Burger gave us a Korean take on burgers, a new Korean spot is giving their Korean version of tacos.


      TaKo, or Taqueria Koreano, opened up shop at 601 Expo Boulevard with their Asian approaches to Mexican fare.

      You can order your tacos Seoul- or Busan-style (deep-fried chicken or prawn tempura, respectively), or even Gangnam-style (barbecue short ribs). (There's no word yet whether you have to perform PSY's dance if you place an order for the latter.)


      There are also quesadillas (kimchi and bulgogi or omma, with bulgogi and mushrooms), bibimbap bowls, and even Koreano poutine (kimchi and bulgogi) to round things out in a very Canadian way.

      Mango is moving

      The Davie Village's Mango Thai closed its 1206 Davie Street location.

      Mango Thai

      But hold on—it's not game over for this eatery yet. They're planning to reopen at another West End location in the near future.

      So fear not and stay tuned, as soon, West Enders will once again be able to enjoy their menu offering Thai curries, noodles, and special weekend dishes like the Thai Me Up Roll (crab meat, sweet prawn, cream cheese) and som tum papaya (green papaya, carrots, green beans, tomatoes, peanuts).

      Beyond baoguette by the bay

      Further down the street at English Bay, there's been another temporary closure.


      While we previously mentioned that the Davie Village Vietnamese eatery Hanoi Bistro closed, the Vietnamese spot Baoguette has been temporarily closed since July 2 for kitchen upgrades. Their reopening date is yet to be confirmed but is imminent.


      In the meantime, they've also opened a second location in Kerrisdale at 2114 West 41st Avenue.


      The menu spans bánh mì and rice dishes to vermicelli noodles and the ever-popular pho.

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