5 food-and-drink activities to check out at this year’s TaiwanFest

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      The annual Taiwanfest returns to Vancouver this weekend (September 3 to 5), and attendees can expect plenty of food highlights.

      Besides enjoying arts, music, and culture—festival-goers can experience the different flavours of Taiwanese and Hong Kong cuisine, among others. Choose between Taiwanese food staples like beef noodle soup, or see if you prefer Hong Kong-style milk tea over bubble tea.

      Here are five food-and-drink activities worth checking out during the long weekend festival.

      Chat over great food at the friendship picnic.

      Friendship picnic (700 block of Granville Street, between West Georgia and Robson)

      Mix and mingle with new friends over a spread of Taiwanese and Hong Kong foods.

      Decide which drink you enjoy better: bubble tea or Hong Kong-style milk tea.

      Bubble tea vs. milk tea (800 block of Granville Street, between Robson and Smithe)

      Decide which tea you enjoy more: one has tapioca balls and the other has evaporated milk.

      Try a Taiwanese food staple: Taiwanese beef noodles.
      Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle

      Food vendors (Along Granville Street)

      Indulge in Taiwanese fare such as beef noodles, dumplings, and Hong Kong–style teas.

      Herbal teas are said to be good for your health; try a cup at the grand tea reception.

      The grand tea reception (600 block of Granville Street, between Dunsmuir and West Georgia)

      Try black, green, or purple herbal teas that are said to benefit your health.

      Learn about Hakka culture through cuisine and tea.

      Experience Hakka (700 block of Granville Street, between West Georgia and Robson)

      Learn about the Hakka heritage from the Peng family and experience a Hakka-style afternoon tea.

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