Beer Buzz: Steamworks Killer Cucumber Ale better than a stupid salad

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      As a valuable public service, we taste the latest in Lower Mainland beers and then give you a highly opinionated, pocket-sized review.

      In their words: “A light summer ale ‘dry hopped’ with cucumbers in the conditioning vessel. Bready malt along with citrusy and earthy hops in the background supports the refreshing cucumber nose and palate. Belgian yeast rounds out the profile with a hint of apricot and black pepper, while high carbonation and a medium-light body add a thirst-quenching finish.”

      Taste test: All too often, adventurous micobrewers will step outside the box only to leave you wondering why they bothered. While New Belgium, for example, deserves props for making tangerines central to its Citradelic IPA, the reality is that anything resembling orange-flavoured tasting notes are almost nonexistant. What makes Steamworks Killer Cucumber Ale so unusual isn’t the fact that it’s brewed with cucumbers (although, admit it, the idea of based a beer around vegetable other than pumpkin is unusual). No, the amazing thing about this wheat-based brew is that it actually does taste like fresh cucumbers. Forget subtlety, the Killer Cucumber Ale is kind of like the beer version of a house salad where someone forgot to add the radishes, shredded carrots, kale, lettuce, dressing, and simulated bacon bits. This summer speciality is thirst-quenching, deliciously light. and the golden colour of a ’70s-California sunset. As a bonus, the cucumbers used in the hopping process are probably good for you on some level, especially if you’re one of those people who doesn’t eat their vegetables.

      Deep thoughts: Sadly, we’re now at the point in time where a traditional liquid lunch is frowned upon, which means you can no longer down three dry martinis at noon and then stagger back to the office for a 1 p.m. siesta. Thankfully, today's adventurous modern bartenders have been working hard to help us bend the rules—surely there’s nothing wrong with knocking back a couple of Cucumber Basil Smashes while closing that big deal. Add Steamworks Killer Cucumber Ale to the list of socially acceptable drinks with a kick.  Better yet, we've finally got a beer that says it's okay to skip the salad and head right to that double-bacon cheeseburger.