8 places to find fresh omakase in Metro Vancouver

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      If you’re not familiar with omakase (directly translated to ‘I’ll leave it up to you’), it is a Japanese dining experience that consists of dishes carefully selected by the chef.

      Suitable for the brave food-lovers who are willing to try anything and everything, your multi-course meal can range from exotic raw fish to creative cooked foods.

      When you do get a chance to try omakase and end up fully enjoying it, don’t expect to taste the same creations the second time around. Most dishes are seasonal, and the chefs like to rotate what they serve.

      Here are eight places to experience omakase in Metro Vancouver.

      Masayoshi is known for its one-of-a-kind omakase experiences.
      Leila Kwok

      MASAYOSHI (4376 Fraser Street)

      Indulge in its popular nigiri sushi omakase or its reservation-only original-creation omakase in an intimate setting. Be sure to bring your camera along, because you’ll want to snap your pricey (but worth it) one-of-a-kind meal.

      Sushi Bar Maumi has strict dining rules.
      Sushi Bar Maumi/Facebook

      SUSHI BAR MAUMI (1226 Bute Street)

      A traditional Japanese sushi restaurant that serves its sushi piece by piece for an authentic experience. Make your reservation in advance to avoid disappoint, and be prepared to follow the restaurant’s lengthy list of omakase etiquette.

      An omakase sashimi box from Octopus' Garden.
      Octopus' Garden

      OCTOPUS’ GARDEN (1995 Cornwall Avenue)

      Your selected meal can range from its renowned uni (sea urchin) shooter to fatty Bluefin toro nigiri. One of its signature creations that never fail to excite guests is served at the end of the omakase—colourful house-made octopus gummies.

      Food-lovers can try high-quality and affordable omakase at Sushi by Yuji.
      Sushi by Yuji/Facebook

      SUSHI BY YUJI (2252 Kingsway, Burnaby)

      An off-the-menu omakase that serves high-quality fish where you get a bang for your buck. Take note of its regular product updates through Facebook—the owners like to notify customers of its daily specials.

      Omakase reservations at Minami are fully-booked until November 2016.

      MINAMI (1118 Mainland Street)

      In addition to the restaurant’s famed aburi creations, guests will be able to taste fusion flavours with its popular omakase experience. By popular, we mean that they are not taking any more omakase reservations until November 1, 2016.

      Sushi K Kamizato offers a great omakase experience at its remote location in Port Coquitlam.
      Sushi K Kamizato/Instagram

      SUSHI K KAMIZATO (2850 Shaughnessy Street, Port Coquitlam)

      A hidden gem in the suburbs, guests will be tasting secret menu items in its reasonably-priced omakase. You’ll be eating high-quality fish next to hard metal décor at this little rock-n-roll-themed eatery.

      Maruyama is the new kid on the block, but offers a fresh selection of nigiri in its omakase.
      Tammy Kwan

      MARUYAMA (3883 Rupert Street)

      This Japanese restaurant that recently opened offers an omakase nigiri tasting at its minimalistic wooden sushi bar. Tasty nigiri that may be served include engawa (flounder), hotate (Japanese scallop), and renkodai (yellow seabream), among others.

      The legendary Tojo's Restaurant offers a pricey chef's selection, but can be worth it.
      Tojo's Restaurant/Facebook

      TOJO’S RESTAURANT (1113 West Broadway)

      A high-end Japanese eatery that offers unique omakase dishes based on your personal preferences. Disclaimer: enter at the risk of your own wallet—its sushi bar omakase experience will continue until you tell the chef to stop serving you.

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