5 places to find energizing smoothies in Vancouver

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      The weather may not be warm and sunny, but that shouldn’t stop you from grabbing a smoothie or two.

      Of course you can make variations of these tasty and nutritious drinks at home, but somehow the smoothie specialists always know how to do it better. The endless choices of flavours and super-food ingredients can kind of balance out those pieces of fried chicken you had yesterday, right?

      Here are five places to find energizing smoothies around town.

      Radicle Juice serves up some tasty smoothies.
      Radicle Juice

      Radicle Juice (3088 Main Street)

      Tasty smoothies filled with nutritious ingredients like hemp seeds, almond milk, and coconut oil. The names of the drinks are also fun and quirky, including everything from Poolboy to Casanova to Smooth Operator. 

      Find a range of healthy smoothies from Melu.

      Melu Juice & Health Bar (1110 West Pender Street)

      Delicious flavours that range from Berry Colada to Creamsicle Dream to Goji Veggie. 

      Contrary to its name, Commodity Juicery offers more than just juice.
      Commodity Juicery

      Commodity Juicery (3975 Fraser Street)

      Indulge in a superfood smoothie like Healthy G, or try one of its signature smoothies, such as Cheeky Monkey. 

      The Juice Truck has a wide selection of smoothies, including seasonal ones.
      The Juice Truck

      The Juice Truck (corner of Water and 200 Abbott streets and 28 West 5th Avenue)

      Get all your nutrients in its green smoothie—kale, spinach, banana, avocado, and more. They also like to create seasonal flavours such as blueberry lavender and pumpkin pie.

      Get your green smoothie fix at Eternal Abundance.
      Eternal Abundance

      Eternal Abundance (1025 Commercial Drive)

      Take your pick from its long list of smoothie choices, with the option to add super-foods like chia or flax. Still hungry after your smoothie? This grocery and café spot also serves plenty of healthy meals. 

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