Stanley Park Brewing's WinterGlow Mandarin IPA combines West Coast hops and bright citrus

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      (This article is sponsored by Stanley Park Brewing.)

      Just as soon as the cold air starts to settle on the West Coast, most of us start noticing symbols of the upcoming holiday season. Whether it’s neighbours untangling their Christmas lights in the driveway or people lining up at the post-office to mail out overseas packages, foreshadowing of the holidays is all around us.

      One holiday symbol you can’t miss is the arrival of sweet, juicy mandarin oranges in soft green wrapping, available by the box.

      A little digging tells us that these jewel-like oranges originally started arriving in Canada when Japanese immigrants began receiving them as New Year's gifts from their families back home. These shipments often came in the famous "Orange Trains"—trains with boxcars painted orange—letting everyone know that mandarins were back for the winter.

      At the Port of Vancouver, the very first shipment was an event greeted by Santa Claus and Japanese dancers dressed in traditional kimonos. Talk about fusion!

      Taking this idea of mandarin oranges and West Coast fusion one step further, Stanley Park Brewing decided to bring together the citrus fruit with West Coast hops in hopes of brewing up a new seasonal beer. The goal was to create a winter IPA that pairs perfectly with festive dinners—a great beer for sharing with friends and that suits the mood of a West Coast winter.

      A few batches and tweaks later, Stanley Park Brewing announced the WinterGlow Mandarin IPA. A refreshing change of pace from winter beers, it's a little like finding a surprise in your stocking on Christmas morning. 

      How does Brewmaster Todd feel about the new beer? Does it hit the mark as expected? Absolutely!

      “At 6.4% ABV, using four malts and five varieties of hops in the brewing process, this beer is a brilliant gold with a unique and refreshing flavour for an IPA," Todd says. "Pair this new brew with a honey mandarin salmon with an almond crust, something more sweet like a chocolate eclair, or some sharp cheddar cheese on a charcuterie plate with guests.”

      WinterGlow is available at local liquor stores and on tap at bars around the city. It’s the prefect craft beer to add to your rotation for the holiday season.

      You can easily pair it with a variety of foods for last-minute gatherings. It makes a great gift for a craft beer drinker, and the citrus peel aroma is perfect for your holiday-ready home.

      Just like a mandarin orange can brighten up a grey winter day, let WinterGlow IPA brighten up your home and table this year. 

      (This article is sponsored by Stanley Park Brewing.)