Resto roundup: BiBo Pizza opens in Olympic Village, plus Kokoro Ramen on the way

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      Here are a few quick food notes about a new pizza spot and, yes, some more ramen.

      More pizza to please

      While Texas-based Firecrust Neapolitan Pizzeria had its soft opening in downtown Vancouver on October 22, another local company was opening a third location on the very same day.

      BiBo Pizza al Taglio opened up in the Olympic Village at 25 East 2nd Avenue.

      While its other locations serve Neapolitan pizza, pasta, salads, desserts, and more, the focus here is on al taglio pizza.

      Al talgio means sliced pizza and this new location offers Roman-style pizza, which is baked on rectangular trays and sliced (unlike Neapolitan pizza which is round and traditionally served unsliced).

      The autumn menu includes traditional offerings (Margherita, diavola, prosciutto e funghi, marinara) and some gourmet creations, including some with shitake mushrooms, roasted potatoes, halibut, and more.

      There's also focaccia, including Genoan classic, farcita (ham, mozzarella), and onion (red onions, shallots).   

      Prices for slices range from $3 to $6.

      Heartful ramen

      Well, despite this being another announcement of yet another ramen joint about to open, it's a relief to see this one will be setting up shop outside the ramen hot zone of Robson and Denman streets, bringing ramen to residents elsewhere in the city.

      Kokoro Ramen

      Kokoro Ramen will be opening at 5695 Victoria Drive (at East 41st Avenue). It's run by Kokoro Foods, which operates the Japanese-Mexican fusion spot Jaburritos in Las Vegas.

      Kokoro Ramen

      For those familiar with the local dance troupe Kokoro Dance, you may be aware that the Japanese word kokoro means heart, mind, and soul—so the owners are clearly intent on serving up some hearty and heartful soul food.

      Stay tuned for an opening date to be announced.

      And the eats go on…

      Here are some other recent openings or news bites we covered:

      • vegetarian and vegan restaurant The Acorn will open plant-based eatery The Arbor at 3941 Main Street in late fall

      • Cacao brought its progressive Latin cuisine to 1898 West 1st Avenue in Kitsilano

      Nero Belgian Waffle Bar opened its second location at 1002 Seymour Street

      Victoria's Health and Organic Bar will open its third location at 562 Broadway in January

      • Vancouver teahouse La Petite Cuillère is up for sale

      TWG Tea will open its first North American location at 1070 West Georgia Street

      Honolulu Coffee will open its third location at 2096 West 41st Avenue in Kerrisdale

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