Vancouver Weekend: We're Thinking....Super Bowl LI

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      Need something to do this weekend? Here are five spots where you can catch this Sunday's Super Bowl matchup—or the half-time show with Lady Gaga, at least.

      Score on Davie, 1262 Davie Street

      For those that get as excited for pub grub as they do for the game, the aptly named Score on Davie provides as much in the way of over-the-top Caesars and deep fried goodness as it does cushy seats and big-screen TVs.

      The Davie Village landmark will host a first come, first served Super Bowl Party, complete with drink specials (Lucky Lager for $4.50, low-fi Caesars for $4.95), contests, and prizes. Score staff recommend showing up a few hours in advance, as patrons will be lining up early that day for the spot’s famous Sunday Brunch.

      With the recent launch of two brand new Caesars—the KFCaesar, complete with fried chicken, deep fried mac-and-cheese, chocolate cake, onion rings, and a pickle; or the EggMcCaesar, served with a breakfast sandwich and tater tots—the Super Bowl is as good a time as any to check out one of Davie Street’s most legendary sports bars.


      The Charles Bar

      The Charles Bar, 136 West Cordova

      Let’s face it: the Super Bowl is basically Christmas for anyone who loves sports, capitalism, or both. Whether you’re a football fan or just really appreciate those ridiculously high-budget commercials (remember last year’s premiere of Mountain Dew’s Puppymonkeybaby ad?), the event is essential viewing. Trouble is, the Super Bowl just not quite the same when you’re experiencing a huge end-zone fumble on a pixelated stream culled from

      Stepping in to solve that problem is the Charles Bar. Boasting an enormous nine-foot HD screen, the venue makes sure that every seat in the house feels like the Patriots’ bench. Unlike the Pats’ waterboys, however, attendees at the Charles Bar have the chance to indulge in a classic Tecmo Bowl Tournament (yes, that game does still exist) and, for those interested in a little light gambling, a Super Bowl Squares competition.

      Winners of the Squares have plenty of options to spend their money on: $4 Caesars, $4 mimosas, and $18 buckets of Parallel 49. The bar is also offering the chance to win beer for a year from the local brewing company. Most importantly, the venue will host a banging afterparty with DJ C-Stylez spinning hip-hop and R&B classics, which is bound to lift your mood after the Pats win. Right? Right??


      Sportsbar Live! at Rogers Arena

      The Sportsbar Live! at Rogers Arena, 99 West Georgia Street

      The Super Bowl may be an American sporting event, but that won’t stop Canadians from watching the highly anticipated football championship match. If you’re planning to watch this game (or the half-time show headlined by Lady Gaga) at a random bar, why not instead do it at the newest and slickest one in town?

      The Sports bar Live! at Rogers Arena will be hosting the Bud Light Ultimate Super Bowl party and its $10 entrance fee will get you a bottle of Bud. Over 100 4K-HD TV screens will be showing the game in the 14,000-square-foot space, where guests can kick back in leather booths and enjoy some tasty grub.

      The menu includes everything from buffalo chicken tenders to nachos, burgers to lobster rolls, and carrot cake to pretzel-popcorn brownies. In addition to a wide selection of beer, you can also order various wines and cocktails to accompany your meal. Now your only concern is whether the Patriots or Falcons will win—or maybe you don’t even care.


      Cinema Public House

      Cinema Public House, 901 Granville Street

      The Super Bowl is to football as the Academy Awards are to film: the biggest, glitziest, and most controversy-ridden event of the year (see #DeflateGate and #OscarsSoWhite) that leaves those who “just don’t get it” either scratching their heads or bored to tears. So it kind of makes sense that this Sunday’s Patriots-Falcons showdown is getting the red-carpet treatment at Cinema.

      In celebration of Super Bowl LI, the Granville Street spot is teaming up with East Van’s original craft brewery, Parallel 49, to bring football fans an afternoon of beer, beer, more beer, and some pretty dope giveaways. Think Xbox consoles, jerseys, and—the grand prize to rule all grand prizes—a year’s supply of suds from Parallel 49. (An award made even sweeter by the fact that the brewery is closed until March for renovations.)

      A special Super Bowl–inspired menu and 20 beers and ciders on tap help seal the deal. Reservations by email are recommended. 


      Doolin's Irish Pub

      Doolin’s Irish Pub, 654 Nelson Street

      Normally one has to think twice before taking a chance on football at Doolin’s. Because the pub is devoted to all things Irish, and because football means something different in the land of Lucky Charms and potato-flavoured potato crisps, chances are you’ll end up catching a match between Drogheda United and the Sligo Rovers.

      Not a problem this Sunday though, seeing as how “Super Bowl” translates in Irish as “Super Bowl”. Doolin’s has a staggering 23 different beers on tap, including classic Emerald Isle offerings like Harp and Guinness. For those who prefer to get a healthy glow on before kick-off there’s a long whiskey list; think Tyrconnell single malt right through to Springbank 15-year-old, with a good whack bourbon offerings if you’re geared more toward Lynchburg than Limerick.

      Doors open at 11:30 for Super Bowl LI, but with 10 HD screens at Doolin’s, it’s not like you’re going to have camp out overnight with a sleeping bag to get a perch for prime viewing. And once inside, remember you’re rooting for Tom Brady of the New England Patriots football team not Robbie Brady of the Republic of Ireland national football team. Yes, sometimes life can be confusing.

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