Pride Crawl Fundraiser 2017: Yew Seafood and Bar creates a Pride-inspired piña colada

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      Yew Seafood and Bar (791 West Georgia Street) at the Four Seasons Hotel is among the over-45 food and drink establishments creating special Pride-themed cocktails for the inaugural Pride Crawl Fundraiser, which is in full swing.

      These cocktails are raising funds for the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation, which provides care for HIV people.

      The event continues until August 6. A full list of bars and restaurants that are involved is available at the foundation's website.

      Yew is offering its Pride Colada, inspired by piña colada, and they've provided the recipe for those of you who may want to make it at your own Pride parties.

      Pride Colada

      1.50 ounces Havana three-year-old white rum

      0.50 ounces Amarula fruit liqueur

      2 ounces fresh pineapple juice

      3 barspoons Boiron coconut purée

      2 dashes of plum and rootbeer bitters

      Dry shake all ingredients together, add ice and shake hard to incorporate. Strain over fresh, crushed ice in a sling glass, lined with thin, half pineapple circle and mint with a pick, a paper umbrella pick, and straw. Top the cocktail with one dash of rootbeer bitters for a little colour. 

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