Cacao 70 Dippery: New ice-cream concept unveiled in Gastown

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      There’s always room for ice cream in Vancouver, even when it’s not scorching outside. Heck, this frozen treat is well-loved even when there’s a blizzard going on.

      Ice-cream lovers will be happy to know that Cacao 70, Quebec-based chocolate culinary company, has opened up a new dessert concept in Vancouver.

      Cacao 70 Dippery (433 Abbott Street) recently made its debut in the spot that was previously occupied by UYU soft-serve ice-cream shop. 

      The “Dippery” specializes in soft-serve ice cream and Belgian waffles that can be dipped in various flavoured-chocolate, including mouth-watering choices like peanut butter, milk, chai, black sesame, white, earl grey, coffee, matcha, and more.

      Belgian waffles dipped in chocolate are also on the menu.
      Cacao 70

      You may think this frozen treat resembles the Dilly Bars and similar items that can be found at Dairy Queen and other ice-cream shops, but it's hard to find a place with this many gourmet chocolate dips in Vancouver.

      Its chocolate is made in Cacao 70’s chocolate factory in Montreal, where master chocolatiers test their own chocolate recipes and create chocolate bars.

      Other menu items that can be found in its new Gastown location include brewed and chilled chocolate drinks (black sesame hot cocoa, salted caramel frappé, classic milk hot chocolate) made at the coffee bar.

      Guests can also indulge in some of the classic waffle combos that will be on offer, such as the Cocobo (waffle, mini-scoop of soft-serve vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate dip, whipped cream and coconut chips, chocolate wafer balls) or the Camp-Out (waffle, mini-scoop of soft-serve vanilla ice cream, milk chocolate dip, whipped cream, torched marshmallows, brownies, caramel sauce).

      Are you craving dessert yet?

      Soft-serve ice cream dipped in matcha chocolate.
      Cacao 70

      Cacao 70 currently operates more than 14 franchises across Canada, and is expecting to open eight more by the end of 2017.

      It recently unveiled three new store concepts in light of its expansion and rebranding: the Dippery (ice cream and waffles dipped in chocolate), the Sweet House (chocolate drinks, desserts, and all-day brunch items available for dine-in or to-go), and the Eatery (chocolate menu items, traditional brunch and lunch will be offered).



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