Squamish Nation member Paul Natrall will launch Vancouver's first Indigenous-cuisine food truck

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      Local politicians like to refer to Vancouver as a city of reconciliation, but now the bonds between Indigenous and non-Indigenous residents will soon be cemented through street food.

      That's because the PR Bannock Factory, headed by Paul Natrall, has just announced on Twitter that it will soon launch the city's first Indigenous-cuisine food truck.

      "I's are dotted! T's are crossed! Watch out for Mr. Bannock food truck coming soon," PR Bannock Factory tweeted.

      Natrall, a member of the Squamish Nation, told the Straight's Gail Johnson in June that the "R" in his company's name stands for his middle name, Roy.

      The Vancouver Community College-trained chef was a member of Aboriginal Culinary Team Canada at the 2012 Culinary Olympics in Germany.

      Last year, he launched PR Bannock Factory and has sold bannock at a small food cart at the Ambleside Farmers Market in West Vancouver. PR Bannock also does catering and, according to Johnson's article, offers venison burgers, herb-and-garlic venison sausages, smoked port, and spicy crusted elk brisket in addition to various salmon dishes.

      He served bannock tacos at this year's National Aboriginal Day celebration at Trout Lake.

      “National Aboriginal Day is a good day to celebrate our heritage and some of our traditions, and, for me, it’s a day where I can showcase our food,” Natrall said at the time. “Everybody knows about our singing and dancing, but how many people know about our food? It’s a big day, for sure.”