12 mouth-watering foods to eat at the 2017 Vancouver Christmas Market

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      There are many holiday traditions that take place around the city, and the annual Vancouver Christmas Market at Jack Poole Plaza (1055 Canada Place) is definitely one of them.

      The highly anticipated event has officially opened for the season, bringing back popular attractions such as the Christmas Carousel, Alpine Haus tent, an expanded Christmas Pyramid, unique hand-made gifts, and plenty of German delicacies.

      For those who mainly visit the market for its gourmet offerings, you may find yourselves overwhelmed as you make your way through the winding alleys (which are filled with more than 75 huts).

      To help you navigate through the large amount of food options, we’ve compiled a list of must-try sweet and savoury treats at this year’s event.

      Here are 12 mouth-watering things to eat at the annual Christmas extravaganza.


      Vancouver Christmas Market

      1. B.B.Q Smoked Salmon Buns

      Local Vancouver seafood company F.I.S.H. (Fresh Ideas Start Here) has made its way to the market for the first time, and will be serving up sustainable and tasty barbecue smoked salmon on fresh pretzel buns. Find it at Das Lachs Haus.


      Vancouver Christmas Market

      2. Bratwurst

      Freybe sausage company returns to the market, bringing a “Das Brat” sausage to its menu (which features a German-style bratwurst). Event-goers will also find other traditional sausages, dried pepperonis, and savoury landjaegers (semi-dried sausage) on offer. Find it at Freybe Brat Haus.


      Vancouver Christmas Market

      3. Chimney Cakes

      A treat that originates from Hungarian-speaking regions, chimney cakes are pastries that are crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. This perfectly baked spiral dough can be coated with sugar, butter, and more. Find it at Transylvanian Bakery Chimney Cakes.


      Vancouver Christmas Market

      4. Chocolate-Covered Fruit

      Let’s face the truth: chocolate-dipped anything never gets old, especially after a large savoury meal. This vendor features a five-tier chocolate fountain with milk and dark chocolate flowing through, which can be poured over fresh cut fruit and other sweets. Finish it off with fresh whipped cream, powdered sugar, or have it served in a sugar cone. Find it at I Love Chocolate.


      Vancouver Christmas Market

      5. German Pretzels

      Traditional German pretzels may look simple, but actually come with great flavours and makes a tasty snack. These babies are golden and crispy on the outside, but are chewy when you take a bite. We recommend enjoying them with apple cider. Find it at Pretzel Haus.


      Vancouver Christmas Market

      6. Gingerbread Cookies

      You can’t really spend the Christmas season without indulging in a few Gingerbread cookies, right? These perfectly decorated sweets are baked fresh daily, with just the right amount of spice. Pair it with a glass of eggnog or mulled wine. Find it at Gingerbread Haus.


      Vancouver Christmas Market

      7. Gulasch

      Warm up with a bowl of Gulasch—Austrian comfort food made with wholesome stew that consists of braised B.C. beef, potatoes, and Hungarian paprika served in a bread bowl. A vegan option made with carrots and potatoes is also available. Find it at Das Gulasch Haus.


      Vancouver Christmas Market

      8. Jamón Iberico

      There’s a little bit of warm and sunny Spain in Vancouver, which comes in the form of food. Taste Jamón Iberico (a famous type of cured ham with sweet and nutty notes) at the market. You can also find paella (a Spanish seafood and rice dish) mixed with plenty of Spanish spices at this vendor. Find it at Spanish Paella and Jamón Iberico.


      Vancouver Christmas Market

      9. Raclette

      This Swiss-originated dish consists of freshly melted cheese scraped from the wheel, which is then served on a dish filled with food items like potatoes, pickles, cured meats, and more. You may find it hard to share this dish with someone, because you’ll want it all for yourself. Find it at Cheese Me Raclette.


      Vancouver Christmas Market

      10. Schnitzel

      This vendor promises to treat guests to an authentic experience of classic German schnitzel (fried thinned meat), and we believe them. This warm and crispy food item can be enjoyed with mushroom gravy or in a warp, and has been popular at the market since 2012. Find it at Das Schnitzelhaus.


      Vancouver Christmas Market

      11. Schweinshaxe

      Follow the delicious smell—this German delicacy is a large pork shank that is roasted on a special rotisserie until it’s crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. Pair this Bavarian-style pork hock with a cup of mulled wine and you’re good to go. Find it at Haxen Haus.


      Vancouver Christmas Market

      12. Spätzle

      This traditional German fare is made with egg noodles and herbs. You can choose from three different toppings: cheese and caramelized onions, wild mushroom cream sauce, or coconut curry tomato sauce (dairy-free). Each dish is served with a tasty and tangy gurkensalat (German cucumber salad). Find it at Spätzle Haus.


      The Vancouver Christmas Market runs from November 22 to December 24, 2017 (11 a.m. to 9 p.m.); December 24 (closed at 6 p.m.) at Jack Poole Plaza (1055 Canada Place).

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