B.C. food recalls for cakes and cupcakes, Danish and Chinese fish products, and halva

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      Here’s a roundup of food products that are undergoing recalls in B.C.

      Among the items are cakes and cupcakes, fish products, and halva, which are being recalled either due to the potential presence of undeclared allergens or Salmonella, or commercial sterility concerns.

      Anyone with food allergies should particularly take note and anyone who has the following specified products should either dispose of them or return them to the place of purchase.

      Canadian Food Inspection Agency

      Cakes and cupcakes

      Toront-based Dufflet Pastries started a national recall for some of its Dufflet brand Plant-based Cakes and Cupcakes on July 2 (later expanding to include more products on July 6) due to the potential presence of egg, which isn’t declared on the labels.

      This recall was initiated by the company and there was one reported reaction associated with consumption of a product.

      Canadian Food Inspection Agency

      The affected products include:

      • Dufflet Plant-based Chocolate Cake (550 grams) with UPC 6 24122 00700 8;
      • Dufflet Plant-based Vanilla Cake (610 grams) with UPC 6 24122 00701 5;
      • Dufflet Plant-based Chocolate Cupcakes (350 grams) with UPC 6 24122 00702 2;
      • Dufflet Plant-based Vanilla Cupcakes (260 grams) with UPC 6 24122 00703 9.

      Anyone with allergies to eggs should not consume this product, as it could cause a serious or life-threatening reaction.

      Danish fish

      Cloverdale Sausage and Meat launched a recall on July 2 for Gestus brand Makrel Filet I Tomatsauce (125 x 3 grams), or mackerel filet in tomato sauce.

      The affected product, sold in B.C., has UPC 5 701410 387020 and codes “L16012020213 Bedst For: 16.01.2025”.

      This product is being recalled due to commercial sterility concerns.

      Canadian Food Inspection Agency

      Chinese fish balls

      On July 2, TFI Foods began recalling its Aberdeen and Black Tie brands of ChaoZhou style fish balls sold in B.C., Alberta, and Ontario because they may contain undeclared soy.

      The recall, which was later expanded nationally on July 6, was initiated due to CFIA test results.

      The affected products include:

      • Aberdeen ChaoZhou Style Fish Ball (500 grams) with UPC 0 61391 24277 6;
      • Black Tie Frozen Raw Fish Ball (ChaoZhou Style Fish Ball) (20 X 500 grams) with UPC 0 61391 24235 6.

      Anyone with allergies to soy should not consume these products as it could cause a serious or life-threatening reaction.

      Canadian Food Inspection Agency


      As a result of CFIA test results, the Phoenicia Group Inc. began a national recall on June 25 for Al-Rabih brand specific Halva/Halawa products due to possible Salmonella contamination.

      The affected products include:

      • Al-Rabih Halva/Halawa–Plain/Traditional (454 grams), with UPC 7 70338 10055 9 and codes “Lot #184 34520 Best before 01/DE/22”;
      • Al-Rabih Halva/Halawa—with pistachios (454 grams), with UPC 7 70338 10057 3 and codes “Lot #184 34920 Best before 01/DE/22”;
      • Al-Rabih Halva/Halawa—with pistachios (907 grams), with UPC 7 70338 10056 6 and codes “Lot #98 19620 Best before 22/JN/25”.

      The latter two products were included in an expanded recall on July 5, and although they are sold in specific provinces outside of B.C., they may have also been sold nationally.

      Although food that’s contaminated with Salmonella may not appear or smell spoiled, it can still make people ill.

      Symptoms include fever, headache, vomiting, nausea, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea, and longterm complications can include severe arthritis.

      Previously in June, the same company also issued a recall for Al-Rabih brand Tahini Sesame Paste due to possible Salmonella contamination as well. 

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