B.C. summer recipes: Westcoast slaw and signature banana pudding from Rosie’s BBQ and Smokehouse

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      We’ve previously run recipes for classic summer salads like Caesar salad and potato salad. And we’ve also previously run recipes for numerous fruit-based desserts, including strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, watermelon, and more.

      So now it’s time to consider these versions of another classic summer salad and a dessert using a fruit we haven't yet presented as an ingredient.

      Chef Karl Gregg from Rosie’s BBQ and Steakhouse food truck, which recently launched in Vancouver, is sharing his Vancouver take of Texan coleslaw, as well as his signature banana pudding recipe.

      Both are easy to make and perfect for summertime meal-making as neither require any heat in the cooking process. 

      Westcoast slaw


      4 cups pre-cut coleslaw mix 
      1 cup jicama, diced ¼ inch
      ½ cup corn nuts  

      1 cup mayonnaise
      3 fl oz apple cider vinegar 
      8 turns of fresh ground pepper 
      ½ tsp cajun spice 
      1 tsp seasoning salt, preferably Lawry’s 


      Whisk mayonnaise, with all ingredients in a chilled bowl.
      Add the coleslaw mix and toss well until all coated. 
      Top with diced jicama and corn nuts for crunch. 

      Rosie’s BBQ and Steakhouse

      Signature banana pudding 


      1 box vanilla pudding 
      3 cups heavy cream 
      1 tbsp banana extract  

      3 bananas, sliced 
      15 vanilla wafers 
      3 tbsp crushed Oreo wafers or graham crumbs  


      Mix cream and pudding mix with banana extract with a hand mixer for 2 minutes. Chill in fridge for 10 minutes
      Sliced bananas and set aside. 
      Crush Oreo wafers or graham crackers 
      In a chilled bowl layer as follows: 

      • banana pudding 
      • vanilla wafers 
      • banana pudding 
      • Oreo crumbs 
      • banana sliced 
      • banana pudding
      • vanilla wafers
      • banana pudding  

      Chill 10 minutes in fridge and enjoy.