BCL announces exclusive Premium Spirits Release drops

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      Have you ever dreamed of paying $115,000 for a whisky that only has 100 bottles in the world? Maybe not. But some people have! 

      Earlier this week, interested customers had the opportunity to fill out ballots that entered them into a draw—the winners of which are given the chance to buy very rare and very expensive bottles of booze.

      Besides the $115,000 Bowmore Arc 52 whisky available, there’s also a Louis XIII Remy Martin rare cask of cognac ($78,500) and a 54-year-old Highland Park single malt scotch (really a steal for $73,000) up for sale to a lucky, albeit affluent, customer. 

      For us regular schmoes without a down payment to spend on booze, the Premium Spirit Release represents a chance to get our hands on some more attainable types of fancy tipple. November 18 at 8am sees 49 participating stores across the province open their doors for first-come, first-served dibs on top-shelf spirits. 

      “This event features sought-after products from a wide range of countries (from Canada and USA to Ireland and Japan) and product categories: whiskies, tequilas, gins, rums, cognacs, as well as two distinguished beers,” shares Adele Shaw, BC Liquor category manager for spirits, in a press release. “With an array of unique products at different price points, this release is also a perfect opportunity for holiday shopping.”

      Store inventory is categorized on the BCL website by location, in alphabetical order. 

      At the Cambie flagship store, which has the widest selection available, you can find everything from Grand Marnier Révélation Grande Cuvée ($625) to Appleton Estates 1993 rum ($409.99) to Bomberger’s Declaration small batch bourbon ($252.99). 

      There’s also plenty of information about every one of the bottles on offer, which is how I know the Grande Cuvée has notes of peppercorn and vanilla from its cask, the 1993 Appleton Estates rum is filled with nutmeg and toasted oak, and the Bomberger bourbon is bold, rich, and fruity.

      For something a little less bank-breaking, there are plenty of options under a cool hundy. Try Jura Rum cask finish whisky ($79.99, with tea and honey character), Sourgin Small Batch Gin ($64.99 for a sauv blanc gin) or even Innis & Gunn Islay Whisky Cask beer ($12.99 for two bottles).

      2023 Premium Spirits Release

      When: November 18, 8am 

      Where: 49 participating BC Liquor stores across BC 

      More info: Full catalogue and store availability here